PokerTracker Now Lets Players Reset Current Session Stats in the HUD

Date: 2012-07-04
Author: David Huber

PokerTracker has released a new Beta (4.01.23), which is an amended update to the previously released 4.01.22 version. For those who are anxiously awaiting the PokerTracker 4 commercial release and have been utilizing the Beta, it is important to note that a re-import must take place in order for stack size calculations to be accurate.

There are a number of fixes in this latest update, including an enhanced number-checking algorithm. Another stats change is that the Flop AF and River AF no longer make use of the hard-coded values when it comes to the "Non-Applicable" text. Blinds are also calculated in the "Effective Stats Size" equation in this newest PokerTracker 4 version.

PokerTracker users now have the ability to reset the current session stats within the Heads-Up Display (HUD). This feature can prove especially useful for heads-up players who remain seated at the same table even though their opponent has changed or for anonymous online poker tables.

There is an experimental HUD filter for tournaments that will only show hands that match the current effective stack size, along with a "Between Dates" option for the "Simple Filter Date Range." Board cards have been added to the Board Texture filters in the new PokerTracker 4 Beta release. Plus, you can now press "CTRL + A" on your keyboard to select every row in a hand report or from the HUD Profile Editor.

Support for the regional skin is now available on the PokerTracker 4 Beta and you can cancel tournament detection after you have stopped the import process. The Effect Stack Size calculation has been revised to enable the new Tournament HUD Filters. Plus, there have been major speed and memory usage improvements for graphs that are based on hand histories.

For the Merge Network, the Mini View option has been completely removed and the position and size of the HUD Profile Editor is now stored. UTF-8 encoding for emails has been added for certain PokerStars tournament summary e-mails and users can now move the PokerTracker.cfg file to the bottom of their list and set the default to "unchecked" for backup and restore purposes.

PokerTracker 4 Beta graphs have received many improvements in the latest release, most importantly memory usage for all graphs. In the Hands Overview graph, users can change from Chips to Big Blinds Won in the tournament statistics calculation. The Zoom label in the tournament overview is now changed to "By Tournament" for graphs. Balkanized clients (,, etc.) have received a hand history directory detection overhaul and "Blaze" hands will now by ignored during import for the Microgaming Network.

Fixes have been implemented that address the change in Winamax Tournament Buy-in syntax. In addition to this, the "Gutshot Draw" flag will no longer appear when an "Open-Ended Straight Draw" flag appears in the database. HUD Groups that do not contain statistics are now allowed to exist and the Board Cards within the Equity Calculator are limited to only five cards. A crash that was taking place when users zoomed in on graphs has been addressed as well.

There are quite a few online poker players worldwide who are very eager to use the commercial release of PokerTracker 4 once it is officially available. Currently, the Beta versions give testers a chance to preview the software and identify bugs. To find out more about the latest PokerTracker 4 Beta version, visit

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