Leak Buster Limit for Holdem Manager 2 Launched

Date: 2013-01-12
Author: Dan Cypra

There are only a handful of programs in the market that can quite literally pay for themselves in short order. With the leg up on the competition you get from using a specific program, you can easily justify its cost and see returns in no time. One piece of software that can easily pay for itself after a few uses is Leak Buster, whose Limit version will soon be commercially available for use with Holdem Manager 2.

Leak Buster Limit has been available in beta for Holdem Manager 2 for the last two weeks. Leak Buster is also compatible with PokerTracker, which is the main competitor to Holdem Manager in the marketplace today. Leak Buster officials told PokerSoftware that the process of making Leak Buster Limit compatible with Holdem Manager 2 was "quite the task," but one that we're sure will be worth it in the long-run.

Leak Buster runs $49.99 for the Standard Version and $79.99 for the Pro Version. The former is limited to 50NL No Limit and Pot Limit Omaha games and below and Limit games that are $0.50/$1 and below.

The Pro Version supports all stakes as well as all full ring and six-max cash games. For an extra $30, it's probably worth it to splurge and go for the Pro Version.

As we said at the top, Leak Buster can directly benefit your bottom line. You'll know when it's working and, depending on your stakes, you could conceivably experience a pretty high ROI given its affordable purchase price. Its website boasts that you can expect to cure 8 to 20 significant leaks with Leak Buster, which means you'll be burning less money making mistakes.

Once you find a leak, by the way, Leak Buster will actually help you plug it. The software boasts an arsenal of poker videos to help you fix any glaring errors you have, and Leak Buster officials told PokerSoftware that even more videos will be rolled out in the near future. Poker pros created most of the videos, so don't think that some random player off the street is providing insight to you.

You'll discover your leaks in 10 simple steps and you'll even be given an overall letter grade like you're back in high school to help you weigh your relative strengths and weaknesses.

In late 2011, Leak Buster began supporting PokerTracker 3, which recently unveiled its fourth iteration. It also just introduced a hand history converter for Bovada. According to Leak Buster, "We are going to soft-launch a Bovada hand history converter. It will grab Bovada hands and convert these for import into Holdem Manager 1 and 2, PokerTracker 3 and 4, and Poker Office. It's super simple and very handy to players who want to see their stats, review hands etc. We're keeping the price as affordable as possible at $12.99 for Hold'em or Omaha and $19.99 for both games."

Visit Leak Buster today.

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Peter's Comment

2013-09-19 07:07:25

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