PKR Launches iPad Mobile Poker App

Date: 2013-01-26
Author: Jason Glatzer

The world of mobile poker saw tremendous growth in 2012, with many of the major online poker sites expanding their offerings to smartphones and tablets.  Mobile poker is suited for casual and professional players alike who want to play on the go or anywhere playing on their computer is not convenient.  While mobile poker does not have all of the functions available compared to normal play on your computer, the availability and functionality of poker on mobile devices is expected to continue to grow throughout 2013.

To start off the year, PKR has introduced PKR 3D, a mobile poker application that has the look and feel of its online poker site.  PKR’s months of development of its mobile application have not been wasted, as the graphics are the same 3D avatars, environments, and emotes you are accustomed to if you are already playing on PKR on your computer.

I personally feel this is important since PKR has always been a site that attracts casual poker players; this will help it continue to attract casual players who want to play for a little while whether on a commute to work or relaxing at the beach.

As of right now, the mobile application is only available on the iPad to poker players in the United Kingdom.  Other poker sites have taken a similar approach at initial mobile launch, mainly to ascertain that everything is functioning correctly before rolling it out to more devices and more countries.

Although there is no specific date, PKR plans to roll out to iPhones and Android devices in the near future and offer mobile poker to everyone who can currently play on PKR on their computer.

The PKR 3D mobile poker application runs very smoothly.  There are preset buttons for betting and you can also manually decide what your bet amount will be.  You are playing against the full PKR player pool, which includes players on their computers and mobile devices.

As of now, you can only play one table at a time on your mobile device.  Since PKR is, in general, for casual players, I do not believe this is a major problem to correct, but those who are used to multi-tabling while playing poker online will have to get used to the slower pace of one-tabling.

Also, the poker offerings available on PKR’s mobile application are currently limited.  You can only play cash games and sit and gos.  Tournament players should rest assured, however, that PKR intends to roll out mobile poker for multi-table tournaments in the near future.  Since there are more complications with supporting tournaments on mobile devices, I applaud that PKR has launched on a small scale first in case there are bugs that need to be worked out before adding the complexity of tournament play.

Like many other mobile poker applications, you will not have access to your cashier.  If you make sure you have enough money in your PKR account, you should not have a problem with this limitation.

Mobile poker is an ideal way to attract more casual players to the game and allow serious players to play outside the confines of their computer.  There are some adjustments in general from going from online poker on your computer to mobile poker.  For one, you need to make sure you have a good WiFi or 3G connection so you aren’t sitting out hands or timing out in crucial spots.

Also, there are no third party software applications that run while you are playing on your mobile device.  Lastly, you need to get used to using your fingers instead of the mouse.  When this application is available on smartphones as well, you will need to adjust to even smaller action buttons.

If you are already a PKR enthusiast in the UK and have an iPad, I recommend you try out this mobile application.  There are play money games to try out before you hop into real money action to allow you to get used to the differences between mobile and online play.

Visit PKR today.

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