PokerTracker 4 Coming for OS X

Date: 2013-01-20
Author: Dan Cypra

In breaking news, PokerSoftware has learned that PokerTracker is alpha testing PokerTracker 4 for OS X. Currently, the software is only available for Windows.

PokerTracker officials told PokerSoftware that testing is currently ongoing: "We are currently alpha testing PT4 for OS X. If all goes well, we expect testing to be complete during the February to March time frame. A public release will occur as soon as internal testing is complete."

Alpha testing is the first phase in many new software rollouts. During this time, internal testers comb the software looking for any errors they can find, whether they are minor or major software glitches. PokerTracker has one of the most well groomed testing protocols in the industry and after alpha testing is over, private and public beta testing of its OS X client will likely occur.

PokerTracker 4's public beta was made available in March 2012. At the time, program officials lauded, "PT4 features were designed based on the input of real life users. Players spoke, PokerTracker listened and intends to deliver the features and tools that online poker players really need." Among the features added were a vector HUD engine, an equity calculator for Hold'em and Omaha, and Independent Chip Modeling tools for sit and go and final table analysis. To say PT4 is state of the art would be an understatement.

One of the most technologically helpful features of PokerTracker 4 is its vector HUD engine. According to the PokerTracker Blog, "With the vector HUD engine, we took the power of the graphics chips that are already in everyone's computers and put them to use for poker. Users with one or two tables on a very small screen or users with many small tables on a large screen will benefit the most from this innovation. It allows the table to be scaled without the need to reposition the on-table HUD groups." You can literally shrink or enlarge a table and your HUD will seamlessly resize along with it.

If you ever have any questions about PokerTracker, say while you're using its fourth incarnation on your Mac in the coming months, you can easily reach its support team through popular forums like Two Plus Two and PocketFives, on its Twitter feed (@pokertracker), and on the PokerTracker forums. There is also extensive documentation about how to set up and use PokerTracker 4 available on its website.

If you don't already have a copy of PokerTracker 4, be sure to take advantage of the program's free 30-day trial. If you decide to buy, it'll set you back $99.99 for the Full Version, $59.99 for the Small-Stakes Version, $159.99 for the Hold'em and Omaha Full Version, and $99.99 for the Hold'em and Omaha Small-Stakes Version. It's a one-time fee to purchase PokerTracker 4, so you won't have to worry about any other recurring costs while you own the software.

Check out PokerTracker 4 today. Your bankroll will thank you!

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Member Comments


Chris's Comment

2013-09-16 01:25:57

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Rita's Comment

2013-09-17 18:14:41

I’m down with that Dave. Just deleted this site from my feravitos. When his response to criticism from his readers is to suck a fat one then he cant be trusted. Two full days and no updates but he has the time to tell his readers that. His trading style is too crazy anyway to be of any use. He throws out indicator readings and then just blindly enters trades from his own gut feelings which are usually wrong. Boogster calls himself a full time day trader but no way he is by any means making a living off of this. Not even close. Kevin you asked why on earth doesn’t he always post his stops? Its because he cant take a loss and that is a recipe for disaster when trading futures.Like Dave I am signing out for good. Good luck in your next endeavor Mr. Boogster.


Cristiano's Comment

2013-09-20 10:14:54

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Pawel's Comment

2013-09-20 18:27:44

I've always pleyad limit on Stars but have started playing more this month for whatever reason and have had good success overall. Mainly play 2-4 and I've been a little surprised at the amount of raise and take it that goes on. You still get a fair number of maniacs who will play anything to the river which takes some adjustment but an overall tight-aggressive strategy generally gives good results. I'll often fold a semi-big Ace pre-flop if there is a raise in front. My biggest leak, and I'm probably not alone, is calling down when you 'know' you are beat because its only 1 more bet. Often times my opponent is giving me all the information needed to make the correct decision, but I still fail to make that lay down. Need to remind myself to take an extra 5 seconds to think about it before hitting the call button.


Ntombi's Comment

2013-09-23 04:56:13

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Vinay's Comment

2013-10-17 01:02:36

I played an ealctxy 100 hand session at 1/2 LHE a few days ago and finished 27 BB up. Outrageous. I don't keep stats or poker tracker or anything like that so would not know what to attribute that to, but who cares??!!As a recent convert to limit it is going somewhat well...


JinHee's Comment

2013-10-20 02:09:21

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Othaman's Comment

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Fidelia's Comment

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