PokerTracker 4 Now Mac OS X Compatible

Date: 2013-03-13
Author: Dan Cypra

It's a big day for the online poker community, as PokerTracker 4, which keeps tabs on you and your opponents while you play online, is now Mac OS X compatible.

The fourth incarnation of PokerTracker was rolled out late last year, but to this point had not been usable on Mac machines without the use of a program like Parallels or Boot Camp. Now, Mac OS X users can employ PokerTracker 4 quickly and easily.

One of the more helpful features in the latest release of PokerTracker 4, which is numbered 4.07 and includes Mac support, added an automatic notification of updates. For hardcore users of PokerTracker, knowing about the latest updates to the software is paramount.

Text in a press release sent to PokerSoftware heralded, "We have added a 'New Feature' window which pops up anytime a new version of PokerTracker 4 is installed by the user to provide them with a simple list of the most important feature changes. We added this because not everyone reads release notes, so we wanted to provide a simpler solution for those users who do not take the time to read the release notes."

Regulars of the Ongame Network will take solace in knowing that Strobe Poker, Ongame's all new fast-fold product, is now supported in PokerTracker 4. Program officials added, "This is the first fast-fold game that is supported in PokerTracker 4 for both Mac and Windows." Other fast-fold games include Rush Poker on Full Tilt and Zoom Poker on PokerStars. The major difference in Strobe Poker is that it's played five-handed, ensuring plenty of action.

Speaking of Zoom, PokerStars Zoom tournaments are now supported in PokerTracker 4 as part of the latest update. You can also get a little artsy with PokerTracker's dynamic graphing capabilities. The same press release pointed out, "Graph data colors and line thickness are now customizable. Right click in any graph to alter how it is displayed. You can even set a line width to 0 to hide your winnings if you chose to do so."

If you've ever asked Full Tilt Poker's support team for a tournament summary and gotten back an Excel file, rest assured that you can now import it directly into PokerTracker 4 without having to work any voodoo magic. Additionally, improvements to the import process have been made: "A new tournament import configuration section found under 'Sites & Import Options.' This new section includes options to track unknown finishes, calculation options for All-In Net Adjusted, and summary import options."

As you can tell, this is a pretty major release of PokerTracker 4. We strongly suggest giving this program a whirl if you haven't already, and you can do so via a free 30-day trial. If you want to buy it, PokerTracker 4 runs $99.99 for the Full Version, $59.99 for the Small-Stakes Version, $159.99 for the Hold'em and Omaha Full Version, and $99.99 for the Hold'em and Omaha Small-Stakes Version.

Visit PokerTracker's website for more details.

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Sally's Comment

2013-09-15 09:36:44

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Enrique's Comment

2013-09-17 13:42:41

Glad I bought it. The felt top is much more atatrctive to my blackjack customers than an empty table top. There will be felt lint coming up though, so that's annoying, but not game-breaking. Also, I just machine washed and dried it, and it seems fine. The lint didn't come off though. Now if only the felt didn't say Dealer stands on ALL 17s , I could gain a 0.2% house edge by hitting my soft 17s.


Luis's Comment

2013-09-19 06:05:03

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Pacen's Comment

2013-09-20 16:14:18

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2013-09-21 03:55:58

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