Holdem Manager 2 Improves Rush Poker Support

Date: 2013-07-23
Author: Dan Cypra

A recent update to the popular poker tracking software Holdem Manager 2 featured several changes that will be noticeable to players engaging in Rush Poker on Full Tilt.

As you likely know, Rush Poker was the pioneer of the fast-fold poker game. In Rush Poker, which was launched in 2010, every time your action in a hand ends, you're whisked away to a new table with a new set of opponents where a new hand awaits. You're entered into a pool of players and a variety of stakes and games are available. Many other online poker sites have duplicated the concept due to its immense popularity.

What can Rush Poker players now expect? According to Holdem Manager's developers, "Improved the mechanism used for Full Tilt Rush. Players should notice improvements in speed and reliability and we added a new feature for Rush only where players that fold now have their HUD removed from the table. After taking feedback into consideration, were looking at making this optional in the future." The optional component could come as soon as the next release of HM2.

The dropping of the HUD after a person folds should speed up a player's overall poker experience, as the HUD won't be updating when a player isn't part of a Rush Poker hand. Given the volume of opponents you'll encounter in a Rush Poker pool, coming armed to the table with a fully functional HUD is of paramount importance. How else will you know who you're playing against?

As part of the same reboot of Holdem Manager 2, several new stats were added including Call 3Bet Range by Position and Fold/Call/4bet vs Re-Steal for CO/BTN. 4bet Range totals were corrected after they were different in various reports within the software. An issue with the post-flop position filter for heads-up games was also addressed.

In addition to the Rush Poker changes, Full Tilt Poker players were treated to updated winnings in Super Turbo tournaments in Holdem Manager 2 as well as "Updated EV line on FTP tourneys: Hyper Turbo and Turbo HU EV lines were affected." For players on all poker sites, the Active Session summary tab now has new formatting and imported notes from the first version of Holdem Manager have the proper note icons.

Holdem Manager has a free 30-day trial that countless players have used to test drive the software and make sure it suits their needs. As text on its website points out, "HM2 is the only poker software that offers a 100% unrestricted trial, so you can use every single feature before purchasing."

If you elect to buy Holdem Manager 2, the price is $99.99 for the Professional version, $159.99 the Pro Combo Holdem and Omaha, and $59.99 for the Small-Stakes version. Holdem Manager 2 was rolled out in late 2011 and has been a hit with the online poker community ever since.

Check out Holdem Manager 2 today.

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