Inside Look at Holdem Wizard 2

Date: 2013-07-25
Author: Jason Glatzer

Do you constantly see the same cards hitting the board when you have a certain hand combination and want to use this to your advantage? If so, you may want to check out Holdem Wizard 2, which does this and more.

In 2010, the creators of Holdem Wizard wanted to win an argument with their friends that is possible to predict cards to come based off your hole cards and the current board composition. As you can imagine, if such an experiment were proven to be true, it could give any player a distinct advantage over his opponents.

By the time 2011 rolled around, a significant hand history data sample size was collected, thus starting the first version of Holdem Wizard. This software was passed around to 20 close poker playing friends and even the skeptics were surprisingly shocked at how well the tool was able to predict the likelihood of certain cards appearing post-flop.

Throughout the year, Holdem Wizard continued to test its hypothesis and its developers decided to release the second version of the software in 2012. The updated version also included an in-game poker odds calculator to assist beginning players in understanding the odds of improving their hand and gave the likelihood that their opponent has a premium hand as well.

To start off using Holdem Wizard 2, you will need to download it from its website along with a license key and, as an optional add-on, a database without player names of hands to help feed the predictive aspect of the software. There is also some setup necessary for each site you play on. Although the setup may not be as straightforward as other poker software tools that exist, there are detailed instructions and its support team provides top-notch aid.

Before I began to use Holdem Wizard 2, I was very skeptical about how well the predictive power of the software would work. The random number generator on poker sites is, by definition, meant to be random. So, in my mind, I wasn't sure how there could be a correlation to what I am holding and the likelihood of certain cards hitting the board during post-flop play.

I was pleasantly surprised in my limited use of the software about how often the predictor was correct in determining what the board cards could be based off my holdings. While the software will not tell you with absolute certainty what the board will be, it gives a percentage for each card to appear, and, time after time, I was seeing the higher percentage cards hit the board. While I may not have played enough hands to ascertain whether this was a coincidence or a pattern, I enjoyed using this aspect of the software.

For beginning poker players, the poker odds calculator that's also included is helpful in learning the matHEMatics behind Texas Hold'em. This may also be of use to intermediate poker players who are mostly “feel” players and never learned the mathematical fundamentals behind the game.

Playing around with Holdem Wizard 2 can be fun and also potentially improve your profitability. You can download Holdem Wizard 2 here and, after playing around with it, leave your comments below.

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2017-10-08 06:12:36

I bought it but did not receive the key? No email received after payment?

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