NoteCaddy Edge Adds Aggression Stat Pop-Up

Date: 2013-07-21
Author: Jason Glatzer

NoteCaddy Edge is always listening to its customers and looking for ways to improve its product. Its developers have just released a new update to the NoteCaddy Edge Hold'em Essentials Package that includes a few new features and updates.

NoteCaddy Edge is an advanced add-on package to Holdem Manager 2 and NoteCaddy Premium. The software provides badges, definitions, and spark graphs to assist you in exploiting your opponents without them even realizing that they have certain leaks.

NoteCaddy Edge has separate packs for sit and gos, multi-table tournaments, and cash games.

For ring games, there are separate packs for Omaha and Hold'em, with the Hold'em packs being broken out into an Essentials pack for those who do not want too much data and an Ultimate pack for the truly hardcore poker player.

When first starting to use NoteCaddy Edge, there is a bit of a learning curve to get used to in terms of what all of the information means, which is why for Hold'em ring game players I would recommend trying the Essentials pack first before trying the Ultimate Pack. Besides the learning curve being easier to combat, the Essentials pack is priced at half the cost of the Ultimate Pack, $99 compared to $199.

Part of the latest update on the Essentials Pack helps speed up this learning curve. Besides the thorough documentation already in place for explanations on badges and definitions, the program now has added documentation to each color definition as well providing a brief description in the badge pop-ups. Anything that can speed up the understanding of the software will help customers more quickly identify what NCE is trying to convey and allow them to focus on optimal exploitation of their opponents.

The latest update also includes several modified definitions and new HUD abbreviations. Both of these updates are welcome since they should simplify the overall user experience.

There were also other changes to the HUD in this new release, including adding a new pop-up for aggression stats and changing the 4bet Total stat to a 4bet Range Stat. Also, a new Hold'em Manager 2 statistic, Call 3bet Range, has been added to the Fold to 3bet pop-up.

NoteCaddy Edge has added a point system to the auto-rate rules for customers also using TableScanner. Having your software work in coordination with each other definitely should make your life easier and in this case can help you identify the most profitable tables you can play on.

NoteCaddy Edge prides itself on top-notch customer support and free updates for life to all customers. Its developers keep on top of changes to poker sites, changes to HM2, and customer needs to constantly be sure they are providing a top-notch product with tremendous value.

If all of this seems intriguing to you, you can check out NoteCaddy Edge risk-free for 15 days with its no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee. Regardless of whether you play tournaments, sit and gos, or ring games, NoteCaddy Edge has a software pack that is right for you. Check it out today.

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