NoteCaddy Edge Ultimate Up to 785 Definitions

Date: 2013-07-01
Author: Dan Cypra

There's big news coming from NoteCaddy Edge. As part of an update that was unveiled in late June, the poker tracking program added new definitions to its Ultimate package, bringing the grand total to 785. The Ultimate pack is one of several products that NoteCaddy Edge offers, and whichever one you choose, your game is certain to improve. Here's a look at the various NoteCaddy Edge products you can purchase:
NoteCaddy Edge Hold'em Ultimate (for Hold'em cash games - 785 note definitions)
NoteCaddy Edge Hold'em Essentials (for Hold'em cash games - 240 note definitions)
NoteCaddy Edge PLO (for PLO cash games)
NoteCaddy Edge MTT (for MTTs)
NoteCaddy Edge SnG (for sit and gos)
There are a variety of new stats included in the latest retool of NoteCaddy Edge Ultimate. Now, you can see a plethora of stats on your opponents while you play online poker, which will make every penny of NoteCaddy Edge's purchase price worth it.
Several HUD modifications were rolled out in the latest version of NoteCaddy Edge Ultimate, including a pop-up with aggression stats, newly inserted in position and out of position stats, a Cold 4bet definition and spark graph in the 4bet and 5bet pop-up, and a change where the program uses 4Bet Range instead of 4bet Total.
One other change could help the program as a whole pick up speed. As its release notes outline: "Unchecked 'Save Note History' for all definitions not used in spark graphs and badges to help increase note processing speed. This option is only useful to see the results for the definitions in the NoteCaddy replayer."

If you're new to NoteCaddy Edge, we thought it would be useful to explain the logic behind why the program exists and what it bases its calculations on. As our review of NoteCaddy Edge here on PokerSoftware explains, "The software takes advantage of the fact that almost all players have tendencies in their games. NCE auto-rates these tendencies and provides them to you in an easily identifiable, color-coded badge. These badges show up on the flop, turn, and river to assist you in making the correct decisions on all streets of play."
NoteCaddy Edge is a Recommended Program here on PokerSoftware. Its Ultimate package includes 69 badges (136 including opposite badges), three custom and professionally designed HUDs with pop-ups, and a 15-day money-back guarantee. Its Essentials pack is $99, while the Ultimate pack runs $199. The PLO, Sit and Go, and MTT packs are all $99 each. All versions include free updates for life, so as long as you own NoteCaddy Edge, you won't be left out in the cold.

Its Essentials pack was released in February after a considerable amount of demand. Think of it as a scaled-down version of the Ultimate pack that's perfectly suited for beginners.
Visit NoteCaddy Edge's website for more details.

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