Picking Your Poker Tracking Software: Part 1

Date: 2013-09-08
Author: Jason Glatzer

I often get asked by my friends and on poker forums, "What poker tracking program should I get?" There is no right answer to this question in a vacuum and I recommend that everyone try out the free trials the different software providers are offering before committing to a purchase.

I use on a regular basis PokerTracker 4, Holdem Manager 2, and Stud Indicator and would recommend any of these to anyone thinking of taking their game to the next level.

For beginning players, it is important to keep your HUD simple while you are learning. There is little need to complicate your screen with many statistics. Software like Holdem Manager 2 and PokerTracker 4 allow you to have a simple HUD and the ability to add onto it later. The databases also allow you to track your play to see how you are performing over time and pick apart your game. There is a good reason why these two software suites are the industry leaders.

That being said, I recommend that beginning players purchase a HUD, which is primarily a poker odds calculator such as Holdem Indicator, PokerTableStats, and Magic Holdem. The HUDs themselves are more basic, but definitely sufficient for beginning players. Many players I have talked to prefer a simple HUD anyway, so this might work well.

What is great about these software programs is that you can learn the math while you are playing and not just use the software to profile your opponents. A downside, however, is that the tracking database for post-game review isn't sufficient for long-term usage.

PokerTableStats and Magic Holdem are available on a subscription basis, which is another reason I recommend either program to beginning players. You can learn about poker odds and how to best use HUDs all at the same time. At some point, you might decide you do not need an in-game calculator to show your odds while playing and want to have a more advanced HUD. You can simply cancel your service and move onto a more advanced HUD that you are ready for.

Getting back to poker tracking programs, for more advanced players, I strongly recommend checking out PokerTracker 4 and Holdem Manager 2 to see which one is best for you. Since they both have 30-day free trials, you can test each for a month before making a decision on which product to purchase. Both work across almost every major poker site. I personally prefer PokerTracker 4's ability to drill into positional stats as well as its report designers. I am also a huge fan of how smoothly both databases run while playing and all of the integrated help options available for you while you are learning the software itself.

Holdem Manager 2 goes beyond providing a database and HUD. It has many integrated products that come at an extra cost if you want to use them, including Table Ninja II, Leak Buster, Note Caddy Premium, Tilt Breaker, and SitNGo Wizard. While it is convenient to have these programs easily accessible, they will all work, except Note Caddy, without the use of HM2 and should not necessarily be a factor when considering which program to purchase.
SitNGo Wizard is an ideal tool for learning push/fold and ICM spots, which many sit and go players use to advance their understanding of short-handed play. PokerTracker 4 has an ICM Simulation tool that is built into the Hand Replayer free of charge embedded in the software and an ICM Quiz that many poker players are content using as a learning tool.

NoteCaddy is a popular auto-note taking tool for many poker players looking to take their knowledge of their opponents to another level. The free version of NoteCaddy available in HM2 is limited in nature; however, there are premium add-ons to make the auto-note taking experience better, including NoteCaddy premium. Third-party software such as NoteCaddy Edge feature customized packages. NoteCaddy Premium provides badges, definitions, prepackaged HUDs, and spark graphs on your opponents' tendencies.
PokerTracker also has a automatic note taking facet to its software called NoteTracker.  NoteTracker provides a bit more information on your opponents than Note Caddy without requiring to buy any add-ons.  Famous online professional poker player Shaun Deeb helped develop NoteTracker notes for tournaments and author and PLO ring game expert Jeff Huang helped develop NoteTracker notes for PLO.

Taking that a step further is purchasing third-party software packages such as NoteCaddy Edge and NoteCaddy Advantage. Both programs take the tendencies of your opponents and display these stats in easy-to-read badges to help you find opportunities to take advantage of their weaknesses even more than your HUD by itself would. A word of caution here is to make sure you have a sufficient sample size of hands on your opponent before relying on the badges for decision-making. I am a big fan of NoteCaddy Edge. The software is cheaper than its major competitors and comes with free updates for life as well as dedicated support.

For players who are interested in having all of their poker-related reporting consolidated in one spot regardless of the game type and site, check out Pokeit.  This site takes all your reporting across almost 20 different games types including Draw, Stud, and Flop Games on almost every major online poker site and provides an excellent summary you can use for your analysis.

Next time, we'll dive into more options for poker tracking software and take a look at what software exists for Mac poker players.

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Lastly, the Tennessee Titans have agreed to terms with former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. And, most of their other areas of need can be addressed in the draft. "The end of that movie is serious, when she's (Mrs. [url=http://www.archiveofourowno.com/DenverBroncos/cheapdetroitlionsjerseys/]Cheap Detroit Lions Jerseys[/url] After some studying, I figured it would be enjoyable to be together the All-A.L. Spoelstra stated he isn't changing much of the Warmth structure for this camp. But Pujols stated he is available to pinch-strike, if needed. [url=http://www.1800snowman.com/JerseysCheap/cheapauthenticjerseys/]Cheap authentic jerseys[/url] nfl week 1, fantasy football drafts, fantasy sports makeLast week was full of action as we saw 4 high-scoring games. The New York Jets defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, the Baltimore Ravens dominated the New England Patriots, the Dallas Cowboys shot down the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Arizona Cardinals squeezed by the Green Bay Packers. Here is what we are looking at this week in the playoffs. [url=http://www.kaisercentergarage.com/ChicagoBulls/cheaplosangeleslakersjerseys/]Cheap LosAngeles Lakers Jerseys[/url] With 18 locations housing some of the biggest TVs in the area make it easy to watch the game. Other menu items include sandwiches, Buffalo wings and salads. The edge in the running game goes to the St Louis Rams. [url=http://www.cambridgegn.com/JerseysFree/]Cheap authentic jerseys[/url] Dwayne Bowe Kansas City Chiefs New QB Matt Cassel will be a huge upgrade from their previous QB's in KC Thigpen Huard basically anyone since Trent Green's season Look for an improved performance Larry Fitzgerald jersey from Bowe. [url=http://www.jstorgo.com/jerseys/cheapauthenticjerseys/]Cheap authentic jerseys[/url] nfl 2010 season, fantasy football draftsLandry Jones is playing at the Senior Bowl this weekend and has piqued the interest of a few NFL teams who need a quarterback in 2013. One man who might be looking for a quarterback is new Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. CBSSports spoke with Jones on Jan. 23 about his meeting with Reid. [url=http://www.livmenu.com/WomensNBAJerseys/wholesalewashingtonwizardsjerseys/]wholesale Washington Wizards Jerseys[/url] april thelarry fitzgerald, nfl scouting combine, nfl week 1Normally the first two rounds of fantasy football drafts are dominated by the elite quarterbacks and running backs. I reviewed those positions in these previous articles: running backs and QBs. .


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