Leak Buster Offering Free Filters for PokerTracker

Date: 2014-04-14
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you don't already know, Leak Buster was designed to help you examine your play and find your leaks quicker and more efficiently.  The site also offers free poker tracking filters designed to help you find information about your play.

If you are like most players, when you think of poker tracking databases, you think of how their compatible HUDs will help you to multi-table better and find optimal spots to exploit your opponents.  However, tracking databases are also great tools for improving your own game.

Your poker tracking database is full of useful information about your own game.  You can purchase a program like Leak Buster to find your leaks very efficiently, but even if you want to review situations you are playing correctly, you need to have filters that most tracking software doesn't currently offer.  Enter Leak Buster, which has designed a bunch of filters that are free to download that you can add to your PokerTracker database and plan to do the same for those of you using Holdem Manager.

Here's a look at what filters you can currently add to your PokerTracker database compliments of Leak Buster.

Playing and facing a 4-bet
Cold call overall
Cold call with marginal hands OOP
Cold call pre-flop with suited connectors
Cold call pre-flop with unsuited connectors
Cold call in blinds without premium hands
Check-raise flop with less than two pair
Called flop raise with top pair, top kicker
3-bet non-premium hand
3-bet squeezed non-premium hand
Called 3-bet with less than AQ+/TT+
Triple barrel bluff
Float flop without draw

You can choose to import just a few of these filters, but it takes less than a minute to download them all from this link and then import them into PokerTracker.

These filters are absolutely free to add whether you use Leak Buster or not, so there really is no reason not to have them in your database if you care about examining your game and finding spots where you play well or need improvement.

We love the filters and HUDs and, after using both for a short time, wonder how we would use our databases without them.  Check out Leak Buster's website today.

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