Introducing the Redesigned Poker Charts

Date: 2014-11-21
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you play live poker or aren't a huge multi-tabler online and are looking for a program to help you record and analyze your sessions, you should consider checking out Poker Charts.

The fact of the matter is that many poker players have a general idea of whether they are winning or losing.  However, they may not know what they are typically winning or losing at or how much they are winning or losing overall.  If this describes you, Poker Charts might be the perfect software to help organize your bankroll and give you a better understanding of your performance.

Poker Charts is a Web-based service that allows you to easily record all of your poker sessions and analyze your data, enabling you to keep track of your bankroll and your results.

Getting started on Poker Charts should take you under a minute and there's even a 30-day free trial.  Once you have an account, you can set up your locations, bankroll, and default settings for the game you typically play.

Entering a session is easy to do and can be done on any device that's connected to the internet.  The process is quick, but you can speed up your entry by making sure your defaults cover the majority of your game play.

Once you are up-to-date on your sessions, you can view in the top section of the dashboard a ton of useful data about your play including total profit, hourly rates, and ROI.  All of this data is filterable by locations, opponents, games, game type, betting structure, and limits, providing you the ability to drill down to see where you are making and losing the most money.

The middle section of the dashboard provides your information displayed in two charts that you can set up when establishing your default settings.  It is quick to change the chart you want to look at.

The bottom portion of the graph lets you know some useful facts about your game play.  This includes your best and worst game, your best and worst location, how your performance compares to the returns on the S&P 500, and how you did in your last recorded session.

Poker Charts should be able to provide most players the ability to better understand their profile and manage their bankroll. The software is ideal for the live player who can record their session right after completing it and have all of their data in the palm of their hand.  It's also useful for the online player who doesn't mass multi-table.

So why not see what Poker Charts can do for you with its 30-day free trial?  After the trial period, there are plans starting from under $2 a month.  Check out Poker Charts today.

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