Leak Buster 4.0 Officially Released for PokerTracker

Date: 2014-11-06
Author: Jason Glatzer

Earlier this year, Leak Buster 4.0 was commercially released for Holdem Manager 2, with players giving the updated software rave reviews.  Leak Buster has just released the same software for PokerTracker 4, giving customers the same access to all of the great leak plugging capabilities that Holdem Manager 2 players have been enjoying for the past few months.
Currently, the new version of Leak Buster 4.0 for PokerTracker is available for download on Leak Buster's website.  In the coming days, it is expected the new software version will also be available for direct download from the PokerTracker store.
For those of you who haven't used the new Leak Buster version yet, you are in for a treat.  The first thing you will notice is a dramatically improved interface, making it easier for you to navigate through the software and plug your leaks.  Besides the new interface itself, the software now features one-click access to hand histories.
The improved interface is just the beginning, as the software updated its stat ranges for all stakes.  This is a huge improvement since the game play is different as you move up from micro-stakes to mid-stakes to high-stakes games.
Not only are the ranges improved, but there are also new stats analyzed including C-Bet, OOP, Overbet Turn, and Free-Play Aggression.
Perhaps the biggest improvement to the new software is the ability to analyze hands on a secondary deep-level analysis.  This analysis provides improved leak detection, taking into account more stats with post-flop play and not looking at one stat in a vacuum.  This means something that might not be a leak on its own could be a leak when looking at a more complete view of your game play.
The software has new filters.  There are also new exportable coaching reports, which should save you tons of money in the long-run for those who pay big bucks for a coach. Now, your coach will be able to focus on what you need to fix most without wasting valuable time figuring out what that is.
For those of you who aren't convinced, you can try Leak Buster absolutely for free.  The trial version is expected to be expanded any day now and previously only gave you access to the first five steps of leak busting: Guide, Leak Buster, Position, Pre-Flop, and Trouble Hands.  The expanded version will give you access to nine of the ten steps of leak busting, adding 3-Bet, Filters, Biggest Loss, and Opponents.
The only catch here is that the trial mode will be limited to identifying leaks in each step.  This should give you more than enough of a taste to see how great the software is and how much of a bargain it is considering how much money you will save at the table with your leaks plugged.
The trial version also includes more video content than before, which Leak Buster users claim to be superb.
Why not check out Leak Buster for free today?  If you like what you see, you can purchase the software for as low as $49.99 for the Standard version.

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