PokerTableStats Adds Support for Zoom Poker, PokerStars 7

Date: 2014-11-28
Author: Jason Glatzer

Players who use PokerTableStats already love its in-game odds calculator and HUD.  The software just got even better since it now has added support for PokerStars Zoom tables and the recently released PokerStars 7 client.
The software is perfect for players who are just learning the ropes and want to expand their knowledge and abilities.  The software's poker odds calculator can help any player make correct decisions on how to act pre-flop or on any of the post-flop streets.  This is in addition to the software's HUD, which provides all of the necessary information you would need on your opponents based off previous hands you have played with them.
Having this information at your disposal should help you make better decisions and thus become more profitable.  If you are multi-tabling Zoom Poker, this new feature is even better for you.  You won't have to think so much about your hand with the help of the software's hole card rankings and draw meter.  Even an experienced player can use that extra second of being able to figure it out themselves to hit the "fold" or "raise" button before moving on to the next table.
PokerTableStats supporting the new PokerStars 7 client is perhaps more important to some players.  The quick turnaround on compatibility demonstrates how quickly this software can keep up with a major client changes and should provide confidence to its customers about how dedicated they are to provide the best product possible.
Becoming compatible was important to do quickly, as many players may not want to play on an older version of a poker client due to compatibility issues with their third-party software.  Online poker players typically want to use the most up-to-date client since this is what has the most features and fewest bugs.
Of course, not everyone wants change and PokerTableStats is still compatible with PokerStars 6 if you choose not to embrace the future.
Check out PokerTableStats today.  Since it now supports the latest PokerStars client and the fast-paced Zoom Poker, there is no better time to give it a chance with a five-day free trial.

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Peter's Comment

2015-02-02 14:20:46

Hi, I move forward, I run the program, but does not run PokerStars? through your program pokertablestats which may be a bug ???

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