TableNinja II Fully Compatible with PokerStars 7

Date: 2014-11-19
Author: Jason Glatzer

Last week, PokerStars rolled out the newest version of its poker client out of Beta, PokerStars 7.  Poker tracking databases such as Hold'em Manager are fully compatible with the newest PokerStars Software release since table views and hand histories remain unchanged, but what about other helpful poker-related software such as TableNinja II?
If you are using TableNinja II, you'll be pleased to know that just about all of the features are working as well as ever on PokerStars 7, including hotkeys, preset bets, automatic time-bank management, and the new and innovative NinjaVision feature.
One of the software's other popular features, Sit-n-Go Sensei, is currently in early Beta as of Version 2.3.191, and, according to TableNinja, the feedback so far has been very promising.
Regardless of its initial success, TableNinja is being prudent by planning to keep Sit-n-Go Sensei in Beta for two to three months.  During this time, the software's development team plans to obtain as much feedback as possible.
Before using Sit-n-Go Sensei with PokerStars 7, you must reset your filters and test to make sure the software feature is working the way you desire.  The interface appears exactly the same, so if you have been using Sit-n-Go Sensei in PokerStars 6, you should be more than comfortable setting your filters to work correctly in PokerStars 7.  Once you are happy with what you see, click "Start" and you will be off and running.
In addition to making sure its software supports major poker client upgrades, TableNinja is constantly developing new time-saving features to add more value for its customers.  The latest major feature, NinjaVision, was released in May and helps organize your PokerStars, Full Tilt, and PartyPoker tables to take your game to boundaries never seen before.
NinjaVision is 100% scalable regardless of how many tables you play at once and tiles your tables in a grid on the side of your monitor while keeping one in focus.  It is simple to change the table you wish to be in focus and keep on top of all of the action on all of the other tables you have in play.
All of the crucial information you might need about a particular table is provided by NinjaVision, including your hand, the board, and the total pot.  By scrolling over any particular table, you are not only provided a full preview of it, but you can also use your preset hotkeys.
Another cool feature about NinjaVision is no matter what else you are doing on the internet, your tables will remain tiled and organized.  The value of this feature shouldn't be underestimated considering many poker players tend to chat with friends or browse the internet, especially during longer poker sessions.
If you haven't checked out TableNinja II yet, why not see how more efficient your poker sessions can be with a 30-day free trial?  You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.  Check out TableNinja II today!

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