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Date: 2014-12-30/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Advanced Poker Training, which features instruction from players like Mike Caro and Tom Braband, added new reports and a full training plan. More

Date: 2014-12-28/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Dan Cates went heads-up against PokerSnowie, saying that the style was quite difficult to beat. PokerSnowie provides poker training. More

Date: 2014-12-26/ Author: Dan Cypra
You can use the poker tracking and bankroll management software PokerCharts from virtually anywhere. It's web-based poker software. More

Date: 2014-12-24/ Author: Jason Glatzer
New Jersey online poker player Maureen "Redhotmomma" Ludwig talks about using PokerTracker 4, raising three kids, and bringing more women into the game. More

Date: 2014-12-22/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The online poker odds calculator Poker Table Stats has a robust hand strength meter than runs through 8 billion calculations to show you where you stand. More

Date: 2014-12-20/ Author: Dan Cypra
A look at the data mining site HHDealer, which provides hand histories for major online poker sites that you can import into your poker tracking database. More

Date: 2014-12-18/ Author: Jason Glatzer
You can get a custom build of Holdem Manager 2 for your poker community by contacting the software's team. PokerStrategy already takes advantage of this. More

Date: 2014-12-16/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The poker television show Poker Night in America featured Steve McLoughlin. He is from PokerTracker and played in a $25-$50 NLHE game at the Peppermill in Reno. More

Date: 2014-12-14/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The poker tracking and analysis program Poker Tracker released updates for its ICM calculator, Table Tracker, and more. Track hands with this poker database. More

Date: 2014-12-12/ Author: Jason Glatzer
We look at the top ways to improve your hand review with LeakBuster, a popular tracking and analysis tool that identifies weaknesses in your poker game. More

Date: 2014-12-10/ Author: Jason Glatzer
PokerSoftware looks at why you should care about the Draw Meter at Poker Table Stats, a poker odds calculator. Calculate odds in-game with More

Date: 2014-12-08/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Winamax has launched anonymous poker tables called Incognito Tables that do not show player names and do not have a chat box. More

Date: 2014-12-06/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The poker training site Tournament Poker Edge is gearing up to release a WCOOP live sweat series from poker pro Andrew "foucault82" Brokos. More

Date: 2014-12-04/ Author: Jason Glatzer
PokerStars, the world's largest online poker site, is discussing the possibility of limiting table selection software, according to a thread on Two Plus Two. More

Date: 2014-12-02/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The newest version of Poker Tracker 4, Version 4.12, includes full support for the regulated UK online poker sites as well as PokerStars 7. More

Date: 2014-11-28/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The poker odds calculator PokerTableStats has added support for Zoom Poker tables and the latest PokerStars client, PokerStars 7. Comes complete with a HUD. More

Date: 2014-11-26/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Alex Scott, the head of poker at Microgaming, talks about table selection software and protecting casual poker players. What is MPN Poker doing? More

Date: 2014-11-23/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Members of Team PokerStars online like Jorj95 and nanonoko talk about PokerStars 7 and whether Heads-Up Displays, or HUDs, are good for the game. More

Date: 2014-11-21/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The poker tracking and bankroll management site PokerCharts has a bundle of new features to keep you posted on your poker performance and winnings. More

Date: 2014-11-19/ Author: Jason Glatzer
If you use the sit and go software Table Ninja 2, you'll be happy to know that it's compatible with PokerStars 7. We look at the features of the new TableNinja. More

Date: 2014-11-16/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Members of Team PokerStars Online say what the most important poker stats are in their Heads-Up Display, or HUD, and what software they use for poker tracking. More

Date: 2014-11-12/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Members of Team PokerStars Online tell us what's in their online poker Heads-Up Displays, or HUDs. Learn from pros like George "Jorj95" Lind. More

Date: 2014-11-10/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Poker players like Phil Galfond react to the rake increases and promotional changes at PokerStars following the company's acquisition by Amaya Gaming. More

Date: 2014-11-08/ Author: Dan Cypra
The new version of PokerStars, Version 7, is out of beta. Includes a new lobby, new filters, new tournament stats, new live event section, and a Favorites tab. More

Date: 2014-11-06/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The poker analysis software Leak Buster 4 has expanded its free trial and issued an official release for PokerTracker. Identify your poker leaks fast. More

Date: 2014-11-04/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The poker training software Poker Snowie has released new artificial intelligence, allowing you to make better calls when facing donk bets and monotone boards. More

Date: 2014-11-02/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Benjamin Reason, known as reasons14 in the online poker world, talks about using poker software like Flopzilla, PokerTracker 4, and Hold'em Manager 2. More

Date: 2014-10-31/ Author: Jason Glatzer
New Jersey online poker player Patrick Shelley, known as my2chis, talks about playing on sites like and the issues players face in the Garden State. More

Date: 2014-10-29/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Mike Howard, who is known as Katiemikexxx and u shove i call online, talks about what's in his online poker Heads-Up Display. More

Date: 2014-10-27/ Author: Dan Cypra
Poker players react to the move from PokerStars to take margin out of deposits and withdrawals requiring a foreign exchange conversion. More

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