Make Optimal Decisions with PokerTableStats Pocket Rank

Date: 2015-03-10
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you don't already know, PokerTableStats is a powerful program that can bring your game to the next level with an easy-to-use in-game poker odds calculator and a simplified, yet informative HUD.  The software is primarily designed for beginning and intermediate players who want to learn as they play while getting some information about their opponents.  More experienced players can benefit from the software, but in this case the HUD should be more helpful than the in-game odds calculator.
PokerTableStats recently sent a newsletter to its customers about one of the great features for beginning poker players called Pocket Rank.  Advanced players can also make use of this feature as a time-saver.
If you have PokerTableStats open while playing on PokerStars, you should immediately receive a Pocket Rank about your hand telling you how strong or weak it is.  For example, you may get a hand that is strong, but isn't near the nuts, and in the Pocket Rank it may appear as being within the top 26% of all hands.
This information can be useful in cash games and the early stages of tournaments to determine when it might be good to raise, 3-bet, call, or fold particular hands.
Pocket Rank becomes even more useful in later stages of tournaments when you could be in a situation where you should be shoving or re-shoving your stack, calling your stack, or folding.  In these situations, you might think you will be re-shoving the best 15% of hands; if the Pocket Rank meter is showing top 15% or better, you can feel good doing so.
If you have an understanding of how Independent Chip Modeling works, the Pocket Rank within PokerTableStats should prove to be a helpful time-saver.  ICM can help you determine from a game theory optimal perspective what hand ranges you should be shoving, re-shoving, calling, or folding based on converting each chip into prize money.
Here, you can spend most of your brain power determining what percentage of hands you should be doing what action with and then take a look at the Pocket Rank meter when it is your turn.  You can quickly and almost automatically make your decision on how to approach each hand with all of the information you need at your disposal.
If this sounds a bit complicated for you, rest assured that the information about the hand itself in the Pocket Rank meter is clearly displayed, which makes it easy to improve your game regardless of the level of player you are.  For beginning players, however, the Pocket Rank is color-coded with three separate colors.
PokerTableStats plans on sending another newsletter very soon about pot odds and how to apply them while making decisions on the virtual felts.
If you are interested in bringing your game to the next level, check out PokerTableStats for free with a five-day free trial.  If you like what you see, you can continue to use the Gold version of the software for $7.99 a month.  For those of you who do not want to make use of the software's HUD, you should consider using Basic version, which only costs $5.99 a month.  Try PokerTableStats today!

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