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Date: 2016-01-06
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you are looking for a powerful HUD and poker tracking database that has a slick look and feel, look no further than Hand2Note.  The software is very easy to download and almost as easy to use, as everything you will need is designed with simplicity in mind.
In addition to the interface, there are a number of other features that set this software apart from others.  One of the main features its users like the most is the dynamic HUD.  What this means is that the stats will change based on the position of yourself and your opponents, effective stat sizes, and the number of players when sample sizes allow to provide you the most accurate information in that scenario.  Remember, having the most accurate information will help you make the best decisions.
Additionally, the HUD allows you to eliminate hands from your opponents' stats that are regs versus fish.  This allows you to have a more complete look at how he or she might play against you.
The stats while playing are presented very simply and clearly and the software allows access to much more information via pop-ups.  You can then simply hover over any stats to get more information including what hands make up that stat.  You can then easily launch a hand history replayer by hovering over any hand.
You might be wondering where the name Hand2Note came from.  The reason is that the software makes it easy to take notes on just about anything you can think of.  You can not only take notes on any players, but the software allows you to take notes on particular stats or even on particular hands.  The note-taking ability of the software is also very easy to use and is another way it distinguishes itself from other poker tracking software.
However, perhaps the best reason to try out Hand2Note, even if you are happy with the poker tracking software you are using, is that you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving it a shot.  This is because the software is in Beta mode where anyone can sign up, download the software, and start using it for free.  You won't find a bigger bargain than this considering its power and that you won't have to reach into your wallet.  Open your horizons and check out Hand2Note today for free.

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