Get Mentally Tough at Ivey League

Date: 2016-02-11
Author: Jason Glatzer

In order to beat the game of poker consistently, you need to have the skill to do so.  While that much is obvious, what might be less obvious is that you also need some mental toughness.
For most people, this is something that is easier said than done.  Many have paid the big bucks for the private coaching offered by the handful of mental coaches that specialize in poker.  While this is definitely a quick route, it can also be one that might prove to be unaffordable.  Another solution is learning what the most common problems are and how to fix them.  For this route, I would recommend checking out Ivey League.
In addition to the many big names in the 32-instructor arsenal, one that might be lesser known to you is Pawel Piotr Jablonski.  The reason you might not have heard of Jablonski is that instead of understanding the ins-and-outs of poker, he knows everything you need to know to mentally conquer the game.
Jablonski is aptly known as 'MentalCoach' on Ivey League as he solely focuses on the mental game behind poker.  He understands poker as well since the life coach spent a few years grinding poker online.  This is one of the reasons he is able to combine his life coaching knowledge and the poker world to be able to provide many players a path for "maximum performance."
Recently, Ivey League released the third part of a series Jablonski is producing entitled "Achieving Goals."  This video series might be the most important one you can watch as a poker player since without setting and achieving goals, it is hard to succeed.  This is especially true if you are a poker pro or one aspiring to be one.  Casual poker players should not only get out of the video series things that can help them succeed in poker, but also things that they can apply to other parts of their lives.
Another series of Jablonski's that's worth checking out is an older one entitled "Building Motivation."  This is also a three-part series and, once again, is one you should watch, especially if you find yourself unmotivated in poker or even something else you should be taking seriously.
There is also another series for motivation entitled the "Fundamentals of Motivation" that Jablonski produced on Ivey League a few months ago.  I'd recommend watching this four-part series before heading into the three-part series that is more recent.
All of the information in these videos could cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars if learned via private coaching.  While you may eventually want to get private consultation, you can learn from all of these hours of instruction just by subscribing to the Ivey League Bachelors Plan.
The Bachelors Plan won't set you back and arm and a leg, as it is $9 a month or $75 for a full year.  To make this a bigger bargain, the Bachelors Plan also gives you access to many of the videos produced by top-name poker pros that can help improve your game on the felts.
Check out Jablonski's videos on Ivey League today.

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