Get More Accurate Stats than Ever with Hand2Note

Date: 2016-02-03
Author: Jason Glatzer

There are plenty of HUDs and poker tracking software options available today.  However, not many if any of these were created as recently as the latest version of Hand2Note.
What's good about that is that its design is modern and its functionality has evolved from where other poker tracking software left off.
When opening up Hand2Note for the first time, the software is very intuitive to use.  This is important since there is little need to spend time learning how to use it when you can spend that time actually using the software while playing online or studying.
The software is perhaps the friendliest to the eye with a very modern Windows 8 or 10 feel to it and the HUD, while very powerful, has a very simplistic design that is easy on the eye.
While many will fall in love with the software for its design, many others use it because of its enhanced functionality.
For example, the statistics the software provides are unique in nature in that you can elect not to include hands that are regs vs. fish.  If you aren't a fish, you likely wouldn't want those hands skewing the stats.
Stats can have different values on Hand2Note than other software due to different calculations.  One good example is that the open raise stat in Hand2Note doesn't include hands where players were already limping when the action was on them.
Additionally, the HUD is dynamic in nature.  It can display stats based off your position and your opponents', stack sizes and effective stack sizes, number of players, the size of the big blind and ante, and more.  This makes your stats more meaningful and should also help you make better decisions while playing.
Not every feature related to the dynamic HUD will work on each poker room, depending on its terms of service.  However, the software does seem to maximize its functionality within the rules.  This means you are getting whatever you can out of your HUD per site rules, while also not needing to worry about getting in trouble with a site for using the software.
One other feature you may like is that it transforms note-taking into a new art.  You can insert notes into particular hands, insert hands into particular notes, quickly create a note based off a pre-saved template, and create note groups.  Note-taking while playing or studying will not only prove to be much quicker than before, but also provide you a lot more detail when you want to refer back to them.
Although we can't say enough good things about Hand2Note, we believe the best proof of the software's excellence is to check it out for yourself.  Currently, the software is free while in Beta, meaning you might not only find the best poker software you have ever used, but also not have to pay a single penny to use it.  You have nothing to lose and potentially tons to gain.  Check out Hand2Note today.

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