Hands-On and Hands-Off Training at Advanced Poker Training

Date: 2016-04-01
Author: Jason Glatzer

Do you think you can play Poker Better than the pros?  Whether you think the answer is yes or no, you can find out by taking on some of the best poker players in the game in the Beat the Pro Challenge exclusively available on Advanced Poker Training.
Before we get into how you square up against the pros, let's talk about how Advanced Poker Training is different than the typical poker training site you might be thinking about.
The software features artificial intelligence-powered opponents that mimic how a wide variety of players would play in real life.  Members can pit themselves against these opponents and receive advice along the way to improve their skills.  This hands-on approach is vastly different than simply watching videos and seeing how other players play.
What's great about the Beat the Pro Challenge feature, however, is it in a way combines both elements of hands-on and hands-off training.
How this feature works is you first select a challenge based on the topic and pro involved.  For example, you can see how well you play from the button in six-max games or challenge yourself to play better when you are the short-stack in a multi-table tournament.
Next, you watch a small background video detailing the concepts of the topic you chose.
You then play through this situation, trying to do your best, and when it is completed you'll see how well you did compared to a professional poker player such as Mike Caro, Jonathan Little, and Scott Clements, who also took the challenge.
Here is where the hands-on portion of this feature ends and the hands-off portion begins.  When finished, you can review each of your hands and see how the pro approached this hand with commentary about the reasons for their decision.  To get the most out of this, I recommend thinking about what you were thinking when making your decision in order to know where you should have thought of something differently.
You can also keep taking the same challenge again and again until you feel you have conquered a certain topic as well as the pros did.
The Beat the Pro Challenge is not only a great way to improve your poker game, but fun as well.  Remember, this is only available at Advanced Poker Training, so check tHEM out today.

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