iPoker Network Rolls Out New Software to Most Skins

Date: 2016-04-20
Author: Jason Glatzer

Last October, we reported that the iPoker Network released new software to just a handful of poker operators, with the first to experiment being Bet365 Poker.
The software is now available to customers playing at any of the more than 60 online poker rooms operating on this network.  However, there are still a handful still allowing play on the older client if they prefer.
The new client has a modern look that has a more Windows 8/10 feel than just about any other poker client out there.
The functionality still isn't nearly as good as the world's biggest online poker room, PokerStars, but in my opinion it is a vast improvement on the previous version and should prove more popular with recreational players, who are the livelihood of any online poker network.
The lobby gives recommendations of games to play, which is great for beginning players and has a clear menu of where to go for things you are looking for.  This is a vast improvement for recreational players who may not know what they want to play and are happy to get recommendations and also allows the online poker operator to splash other gaming verticals such as its online casino.
The tables themselves are much sleeker on the newer version, which may not be important to the everyday poker grinder but is important when you want to keep a recreational player happy and coming back.  The gameplay itself is much smoother, which was one of the complaints I had with the older client bogging down my computer's resources and constantly freezing.
The more open look and feel of the tables also clearly displays information that poker players want to see including stack-sizes, the size of the pot, and time remaining to act.
One key and big reason that many players are still opting to play on the older version is the many reports in the "Unofficial iPoker Thread" on the TwoPlusTwo poker forum about the trouble players are having with using their third-party software on the new client.  While I can't speak about all software, I never have had issues running PokerTracker 4.
Another downside is that there currently is no flash-play option like there is for other sites nor a downloadable version for the Mac.  So if you are using the Mac, your only option to play on any of the poker clients on iPoker is to use Windows Boot Camp or similar software.  Most Mac owners did not purchase a Mac to run Windows on it, so this might be a concern if you fall into this group.
That being said, it is expected that the iPoker will roll out a Mac version of its software sometime down the road.

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Member Comments


Sad's Comment

2016-05-13 01:29:04

All Hand History's were lost - That's to say they are still there & one can look them up but one can no longer 'update locally' effectively copying what the skin has stored and moving it to your comp. Every-time Ipoker introduce changes, they are plagued with problems. This time around, it had been in Beta testing for some time but it was still released with a ridicules amount of problems. They [Ipoker]just don't seem to care, constantly blaming the users internet as a default. It would literally take up 10x of what I've already typed to point out the main problems that existed/exist & frankly they're not worth it. Google is your friend here & it'll point you toward some interesting detailed boards - not BadBeats etc just cold hard data on their ineptitude & lack of respect for their patrons. What's equally disappointing is a failure to report these inadequacies online, such as this article, begs the question; "Why?"


buffengerger's Comment

2016-06-04 16:21:43

Since the update these are the following dreadful results. 1. the cards are way too smallon any setting to easily multitable 2. the tournament lobbies are often blank and always wrong. 3. the dreadful new insult table is never usedby anyone and takes up space that could be utilized far more effectively. 4. if you are lucky enough to reach a final table you have to put up with an ever occurring on screen message every hand " hand for hand play has no ended we will now resume normal play " this happens even when heads up 5. the addon and breaks are in a mess with the happening after diffrenent times on different days in the same tournament.we have even had a break at 755. then at 801 we play 1 hand then another 5 min break . then at 8.09 pm the 3 min addon break. It is a mess and as for the reccommendations they may be useful to new players but those who have played here for many years are offered games all the time that are nothing to do with them.I fo rexample only play Omaha and plo8 yet all of my reccoemended games are always no limit rebuys that I would never enter. Worst of all is the dreadful customer service. they do not get back to you. they do not help in the live chat and they never apologize when the fault is at their end.Why then do I still play here , the answer is because even pets could win here.

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