Review of the Latest HM2 and PT4 Updates

Date: 2016-06-07
Author: Jason Glatzer

As you likely are already aware, a couple of weeks ago Full Tilt received a major overhaul to its software after its player liquidity combined with its sister site, PokerStars.  The look and feel of the new software has mostly a PokerStars touch to it while keeping some of the legacy Full Tilt themes such as cartoon-like avatars and names of certain games such as Rush Poker.
Pretty much, the launch went off as smoothly as possible except for the fact that players on Full Tilt were somewhat scrambling when it came to the use of third-party software.  Thankfully, the two industry leaders both owned by Max Value Software in Hold'em Manager 2 and PokerTracker 4 were on top of it
Hold'em Manager announced on its forum the release of Version on May 25, which for the most part addressed issues that arose relating to the Full Tilt migration.  The fixes relating to this include updating the site setup to support Full Tilt as a new PokerStars skin, adding support to allow the importing of hand history and tournament summary files for regional sites, allowing the HUD to work for Rush Poker games, and adding support for the HUD to work during tournaments.
In addition, an issue was resolved for both PokerStars and Full Tilt that took place when a customer had a non-English user name for Windows.
Also added in this official release was an update to allow the HUD to function on Winamax in that site's new client, a new filter relating to 4-bets, and a couple of minor fixes relating to the HM2 App SitNGo Wizard 2.
About a week later on June 1, Hold'em Manager announced on its forum the beta release of Version, which resolve an issue for PokerStars players importing hand history files.
PokerTracker released its new version the next day on June 2.  There, PokerTracker 4 customers simply needed to reconfigure Full Tilt as if it were a PokerStars skin, similar to those playing on multiple PokerStars clients such as and  The only difference is the table layout, but PokerTracker has a Full Tilt layout, which should present the correct information in front of the correct player in the HUD.
The new release, PokerTracker 4.14.17, addressed a few other things, with the most major perhaps being a workaround for the PokerStars hand history encoding bug.  This is a temporary solution while the software company is waiting for PokerStars to make a fix on their end, which should take two to three weeks.
Other changes relate to a fix on PokerStars Zoom Poker allowing the import of tournament summaries in Italian, adding support for 3-max games on partypoker, and a small change with filters.
With either PokerTracker 4 or Hold'em Manager 2, you should know from years of experience that the programming teams from both companies are on the ball and always doing their best to remain up to date with any changes that transpire.  Despite this, both programs are available at a fixed cost instead of paying a monthly fee where these costs would be absorbed.
If you haven't given either poker tracking company a chance, see how they can improve your game.  Both programs come with a 30-day free trial so you can see for yourself at no risk why so many players choose to play online poker using either PokerTracker 4 or Hold'em Manager 2.

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