SNG Sensei Invaluable for Sit and Go Regulars

Date: 2016-06-16
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you want to play more online poker tables at once, look no further than TableNinja II to help you achieve your goals.  The software features many tools to allow you to play more tables simultaneously than you ever thought possible including the use of hotkeys, NinjaVision, and time bank management.
If you play sit and gos, however, one tool that might be worth the price of the software alone is SNG Sensei. What this feature does is automatically open sit and go lobbies and register you for tournaments based on a variety of advanced criteria.
While opening lobbies and registering for tournaments is easily manageable if you are playing just a few tables at once, it becomes almost impossible to manage once you're playing 10, 20, or even more games at one time.  This allows you to sit back and simply use your skills on the felt and let the software take care of the tedious task of finding the games and getting you registered.
This feature only works on PokerStars, but let's face it, if you are going to mass multi-table sit and gos, this is the only site with enough liquidity to be able to play tons of games at one time.
Getting SNG Sensei to behave how you wish is all a matter of spending a little time planning.  Most of the work is just one time, although there is a small amount of setup as well before each session.
The one-time setup involves saving games based on type.  For example, you should have a different setup for $15 180-man sit and gos compared to $15 45-man sit and gos.  If you play a variety of buy-ins and tournament types, it is best to get this all out of the way when you first start using the software to make life easier before each session.
Before a session, you then simply let SNG Sensei know the maximum number of sit and gos you wish to be playing at one time, the games you wish to be registered in, and how long you wish the software to keep registering you in terms of the number of minutes and total games.

There are also useful tools such as only registering for games that have at least a certain number of players you marked in your notes while playing on PokerStars as weaker ones or not registering for certain games if there are a certain number of players that you have marked as stronger ones.
So if you play sit and gos and wish to maximize your sessions, you can easily see how SNG Sensei can help accomplish your goals.  This in combination with other features the software offers that will allow you to multi-table like you never thought possible.

You can see for yourself how great this software is at no risk to you with a 30-day free trial.  Try TableNinja II today.

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