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Date: 2016-06-21
Author: Jason Glatzer

There is no shortage of methods to improve your poker skills.  One popular way is by watching videos made available on poker training sites and learning from the best poker pros in the game.
One of the best poker training sites in the world regardless of the format of poker you enjoy is Ivey League.  In addition to having access to the mind of poker legend Phil Ivey himself, you can learn about a variety of topics from dozens of the top players in the world.
Recently, Jared "RizaKazak" Bartlett produced a great video series that has little to do with your skills on the felts and more to do with everything else in a video entitled "Managing a Career".
In the video, Bartlett reviews many pitfalls that are common to professional and recreational players alike, with perhaps the most notable ones being how to avoid overspending during an upswing and how to manage a bankroll.
Similarly, poker mind coach Pawel Piotr "MentalCoach" Jablonski also released a new video entitled "Emotional Intelligence," which is worthwhile for any player to watch regardless of skill level.
While these are the two videos I most recommend out of the ones recently published, Ivey League has plenty of other videos that just focus on skills in a variety of games.
To help improve in the most popular game format, No Limit Texas Hold'em, you should check out a few recent videos just released including "2 Tables $50 NL Zoom" by David "omgclaydol" Yan, "Playing Your Range" by Sonny "crushchessy" Kamberi, and "Playing Out of Position" by Victor "TheStudent" Vermeulen.
Another great aspect of Ivey League is that there are plenty of videos on less popular games where your edge can be even stronger than in No Limit Hold'em.  As an example, Chris "Fox" Wallace released a two-part video series entitled "The Basics of Stud/8".
Wallace won a World Series of Poker gold bracelet in HORSE, of which one of the games is Stud 8 or Better, so you will be learning the game from one of the best.
Another mixed-game video I recommend checking out is one produced by Phil "Jackal69" Shaw entitled "Small Stakes Mixed Games".  Shaw is often seen playing mid- and high-stakes, but this video is perfect if you are just starting out playing mixed games since the games play a bit differently at lower stakes compared to higher ones.
These are just some of the many videos you can learn from at Ivey League.  You can check out some free videos from the poker training site with their Undergraduate plan.  Also, for just $9 a month, you will have access to many of the site's videos with their Bachelors plan, while for $75 a month you can have everything the site has to offer with the Masters plan.

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