Have a Mac? Use PokerTracker 4

Date: 2016-09-15
Author: Jason Glatzer

While many people believe that third-party poker software isn't as plentiful on the Mac as it is on the PC, there are many different packages available if you aren't using a PC.
One option to take advantage of all PC software available is to run an emulator such as Windows Boot Camp on your Mac; however, you likely didn't purchase a Mac to run it as a PC.
If you use a Mac, thankfully one of the best HUDs and poker tracking software suites available in the world, PokerTracker 4, is available for both PCs and Macs. You have all the great functionality of a powerful HUD and superb reporting functions, but don't need to run your Mac on the Windows operating system to do so.
PokerTracker understands that its Mac software may run differently or experience different problems than the PC version of its software. With this in mind, they have a dedicated poker forum just for Mac users with thousands of recommendations for the support team. Additionally, customers can open a support ticket to report any problems they are experiencing without heading to the forums.
Recently, PartyPoker ambassador Patrick "pleno1" Leonard posted in the Mac forum with a thread entitled "Importing hands not working / HUD not launching" where he mentioned that after changing and improving his HUD including importing some custom features, he had problems the next day. His HUD ran smoothly the night before, but only ran on 888poker the following day and not on partypoker, PokerStars, or Winamax.
He reported a few other details about his problem and quickly got a response from the forum moderator "Flag_Hippo" saying that he couldn't answer for sure without a log file. However, then he offered some useful advice to fix the issue:
This is just one example of someone reporting an issue and getting a quick response.  Additionally, posters frequently post suggestions to improve their experience and the team at PokerTracker takes everything under consideration.
If you have a Mac and want to run perhaps the most powerful third-party poker software available on your operating system, check out PokerTracker 4. The software comes with a 30-day free trial, and we bet you will like what you see.

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