Advanced Poker Training Predicts the WSOP Main Event

Date: 2016-10-09
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you haven't heard, Advanced Poker Training is putting its world-class software to the test in coordination with PokerNews in order to simulate which of the November Nine will walk away the winner of the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event.
As you may already know, Advanced Poker Training takes advantage of thousands of different artificial personalities so their customers can always compete and train against different types of opponents. PokerNews, however, asked the training site to think out of the box.
In an article published by PokerNews, Editor Marty Derbiyshire took advantage of video and audio interviews conducted by the media outlet in order to determine a "basic playing style for each of the players."
He then took these bios and went to Advanced Poker Training's Steve Blay, who took information about each player and matched it to the over 40 different personality traits available for the bots employed at Advanced Poker Training.
One might think one simulation might be enough, but if you have played enough poker you realize anything can and will happen while playing. So, it was decided that the simulation would be run 100 times, with each November Nine player starting with the stack they will enter the WSOP Main Event final table with next month. Additionally, the blinds started off at 250,000/500,000 with an ante of 75,000 with 32:50 left on the clock for that blind level just like what will take place.
One might think that internet hero Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy would have come out on top of the simulation not only due to his vast experience, but also the fact that he will enter the final table with the chip lead. However, the simulations predicted that Qui Nguyen will be the winner with his name coming up as the victor 26 times out of 100 that the simulation was ran despite starting off in second place.
Although Josephy's name came up the second most, it wasn't really very close, with him winning the simulated final table 17 out of 100 times. Gordan Vayo came out on top 15 times and Kenny Hallaert came out on top 13 times.
Everyone had at least one win in 100 runs of the simulated final table. Following the top four were Michael Ruane with nine wins out of 100, Vojtech Ruzcka with eight, Griffin Benger with six, Fernando Pons with five, and Jerry Wong with one.
With a different winner coming out on top, it is really anyone's game. Only time will tell which simulation out of the 100 run came the closest to accuracy. Visit Advanced Poker Training today!

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