Discover the Power of TableNinja II

Date: 2016-10-25
Author: Jason Glatzer

Do you think you know how to multi-table a huge amount of online poker tables effectively? Whether your answer is yes or no, we bet that you haven’t even begun to reach your potential unless you are using the third Party Poker Software TableNinja II.
TableNinja II is designed to simply save you time while you are playing. Routine decisions are much quicker and you can organize your tables in a way that makes it far more effective to multi-table.
The software is well-known for its power hot-keys which allow to have a plethora of preset actions where just by a click of a button and action can be taken such as folding, calling, betting a certain percentage of the pot, toggling to the next table, etc.
However, this is really just the tip of the iceberg as the software also allows you to set-up preset betting amounts depending on the situation in front of you.
Additionally, the software can organize your tables with the help of NinjaVision. What this does is place all your tables into a mini-grid with one main table in focus. Routine actions can be taken quickly by using hotkeys in the mini-grid or the main table. It is easy to move tables around as needed and the grid resizes itself based on the number of tables you are playing. It also goes across multiple monitors and leaves other activities you may be doing away from the grid including talking to friends and peers on Skype or browsing the internet while playing.
Another cool little feature is that you can have TableNinja II automatically click your time-bank. Sometimes even with the help of the software, you may have a tough decision to make at one table that might lead you to not focusing on what is going on at other tables. Without TableNinja II, you would simply time out on any other tables and fold hands, and now with the software’s power you can go back and still have time to play those hands.
One last feature worth mentioning is SitNGo Sensei. If you play sit and go’s on PokerStars this is a can’t miss feature as it auto-registers you into games based off criteria you tell the software. So no more opening and closing lobbies. You just say how long you want to play for, what games you want to play, how many tables at once you can handle, and the software does everything for you.
So why not check out TableNinja II today. The software comes with a 30 day free trial and after that there are plans that anyone can afford.

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