Hold'em Manager 2 Perfects Support for PokerStars Zoom Tournaments

Date: 2016-10-27
Author: Jason Glatzer

In order to succeed in online poker, many agree that a poker tracking database and a HUD is a must. Many will also agree that Hold’em Manager 2 provides one of the most robust third-party software packages with a super powerful database and a world-class HUD.
One of the great things about Hold’em Manager 2 is that you aren’t paying a monthly fee to own the software, just a one-time cost for a software license. The best part is that this includes free updates for the life of the software.
Updates are important as new features become released, sites change the way they record hand histories, and poker rooms also occasionally change their terms and conditions on what may or may be legal on their site to show in a third-party HUD.
Needless to say, Hold’em Manager 2 is constantly pushing out new releases to always stay ahead of the curve.
This week, Hold’em Manager 2 released its latest update, HM in Beta. What it means to be in Beta is that while tests were done, they are also seeking their customers’ feedback before releasing it as a permanent update.
In the Hold’em Manager forum, a testing manager shares how you can roll back to a previous version if you have any issues with the update. However, depending on where you play and what games, you may not want to download the Beta release as there may be no point.
All of the updates in this release pertain to PokerStars, Full Tilt, PartyPoker and a third party add-on SngWiz2. So if you don’t play on any of these online poker rooms or use SngWiz2, don’t worry about this release, but if you do play on either site keep reading on to learn what you can expect from the update.
One big update for PokerStars is support for Zoom tournaments. You likely know what Zoom is as a cash game where it is a fast fold game where when you fold you are brought to a new table against new cash game players at the same stakes. The same holds true in tournaments until it is super deep where you keep getting a table of new players every time you fold. Having a HUD that works properly in these games gives you a huge edge since there is no table dynamics. Your stats on players from the past will prove to be invaluable.
The main thing is that for Zoom tournaments, there are now new hand history formats. Every time there is a format change in a hand history, it means the way the software is reading the hands needs to be updated. This release should make playing Zoom tournaments very smooth while using your Hold’em Manager 2 HUD.
In addition to that, Hold’em Manager 2 added support for Win the Button tournaments as well.
For players on partypoker, the main update was support for anonymous tables. While you won’t have historical stats on these tables, you can at least have stats for just the action on the table which is far better than nothing at all.
There was also a small change that effects a minority of Hold’em Manager 2 customers with resolving a duplicate issue with the vs. Squeeze statistic.
Last, but not least for those of you that use SNG Wizard 2, there was an adjustment for non-all-in equities. I recommend any SNG Wizard 2 customer to definitely download the Beta release for this alone.
So why not check out Hold’em Manager 2? They provide one of the best experiences and are always updating their software to make sure they keep up with the plethora of changes in the online poker world. The software comes with a 30 day free trial, so you can see for yourself without any risk how much Hold’em Manager 2 can help you.

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