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Date: 2016-10-16
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you are looking to improve in tournament play, why not learn from some of the best at the poker training site Tournament Poker Edge. As the name of the site suggest, they focus solely on tournament poker. In other words, if you play tournament poker, you should consider checking them out since they focus on what you want to learn the most.
October is a hot month at Tournament Poker Edge as they focus on some live and online big game action!
If you want to learn a bit about playing live tournament poker, you can watch a 10 part video series by Andrew "foucault82" Brokos where he plays in the biggest live tournament of the year, the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event.
The video series is aptly titled "WSOP Main Event Hand History Review" with four of the 10 parts already released. New installments will be published every few days. So you can either check out the first four parts now, or wait until all 10 are published to watch a marathon session and learn some of the greatest techniques in live tournament poker that you can add to your game.
If instead you are looking to improve your online poker tournament game, Tournament Poker Edge obviously has your back with hundreds upon hundreds of videos dedicated to this.
One video series I am personally looking forward to that is about to be released is by Jason "SSSMforlife" Regina titled "PokerStars WCOOP Event #72 WIN".
If you haven't heard about Regina, you might be surprised to learn that he has amassed close to $2.2 million in online tournament cashes according to Most of this has come on PokerStars where he is knocking on the door of $1.7 million on this site alone.
His PokerStars and overall results got a huge boost when this past September, Regina outlasted a huge field of 8,337 entrants to win WCOOP-72 $109 Hold'em $1,000,000 Guaranteed. Before going on to win the tournament he agreed to a four-way deal with Germany's "polecatrider", Poland's "xenomorph101", and Greece's "king_tsan".
In this video series he will cover all the important plays he made and why they were successful in this amazing run. While WCOOPs only happen once a year, big field online tournaments happen every single day, so we expect that you can learn a lot about how to navigate these types of events to help improve your chances of finishing on top.
As if that wasn't enough, Regina also is finishing up a seven-part video series titled "Mega Deep Live Sweat with Jase Regina". He won this tournament on 888poker back in late August for almost $16,000. While this is a far cry from what he won a few weeks later during the WCOOP, it is very interesting as when he noticed he got deep he turned on the recorder to record a live sweat.
This video series contains seven parts. Since Regina was not recording early on in his session, the first two parts are a hand history review of his early game. The remaining five parts, however, are a live sweat which means you can get into his head about what he was thinking while he was making his moves.
There are also tons of other videos released in October at Tournament Poker Edge, and of course if you are a member you have access to their huge library built up over the years. With so much great content, why not see how much Tournament Poker Edge can improve your poker tournament outlook and game. Check out Tournament Poker Edge today!

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