Chris Wallace Releases a New Video at Ivey League

Date: 2016-11-18
Author: Jason Glatzer

Poker players around the world will agree that putting time and effort into studying the game will usually yield big results. There are many ways to go about investing time, however, one of the best is taking advantage of an online poker training site such as Ivey League to take your game to the next level.
The reasons why you should check out Ivey League are simple. First of all, in one single place you have available videos on just about any poker related topic you can think of that have been produced by some of the top names in the game. Also, the site is very affordable costing less than an hour of coaching whereas you can endless benefits during the month.
One great video that just came out was by World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner Chris “Fox” Wallace titled “WSOP $3,500 GTD”. If you followed the elections in the United States, you may have heard of Wallace then as well, as many people on social media by mistake thought he was a famous television reporter. While Wallace is famous in poker circles, this was not him even though he had a little fun with anyone asking political questions.
This video to me really hit home as it mostly focused on how to play a re-steal stack. This is an important concept and was demonstrated in one of the biggest weekend tournaments on the Nevada regulated online poker room NV.
Three other recent videos that focus on conceptual ideas include Victor “TheStudent” Vermeulen producing “Defense vs C-bets OOP in SRP”, Jared “RikaKazak” Bartlett releasing “Fighting Back Against Isolation”, and Sonny “crushchessy” Kamberi releasing “Defending vs. a Turn Probe”.
What I like about all three of these videos is that you can focus on one thing at a time and let it sink in rather than when you are watching a typical review, there are tons of concepts to absorb at the same time.
There are some cool and informative videos recently released on Ivey League to help you improve your cash ring game. Joe “Golfdish” Allis shares his thoughts in a video titled “$0.50/$1 NL 6-Max Fast Forward”, David “omgclaydol” Yan provides insight in a video titled “SSNL Stars Party”, and Richard “ginge” Sheils focuses on some aggressive play in a video titled “$50 NL Loose Aggressive”.
Two other recent videos worth checking out on more the mental side and thought provoking aspects of the game include Pawel “MentalCoach” Piotr Jablonski releasing the fourth part of a video series titled “Conscious Life” and Andrew “amo4sho” Moreno discussing what he thinks about in order to increase his win rate in a video titled “Win Bigger”.
With so much great content at Ivey League, now is the perfect time to check tHEM out. You can see some of the videos on the site with the Bachelors plan which costs just $9 a month. However, to get the full experience, you should consider the Masters plan which gives you access to every video on the site for $75 a month.

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