Introducing the All-New PokrHUD

Date: 2016-11-07
Author: Jason Glatzer

To get to the next level playing online poker, having a HUD and poker tracking database is of utmost importance. This third-party software helps you get good reads on your opponents’ tendencies while also letting you know how well you are performing yourself.
Your good opponents are likely using this against you, so if you are not doing the same against them you are at a disadvantage. Alternatively, your weaker opponents are likely not using this software, and you can further benefit playing against them with software that properly profiles them without them doing the same to you.
One major drawback to purchasing a HUD could be the price. However, we have a solution to this problem as a new poker tracking database and HUD called PokrHUD is currently absolutely for free.
This software is from the same people that made PStatTrack and can track both your Omaha and Texas Hold’em online games including tournaments, sit and go’s, and cash games.
The HUD is fully configurable with stats available to choose from for both pre-flop and post-flop play. For cash games, your database will track results and give you a graph, while for ring games you can track your results without a graph.
However, there will be more graphs and advanced features added in the near future.
The software is compatible as of this moment on both PokerStars and Full Tilt. The company plans to add more sites in the very near future as well as more games!
While there is still much still in development, based on our test the software works quite well as it is. The best part is while still in Beta, which is likely to last for at least half a year, the software is absolutely for free meaning there is no risk to you to check them out.
Then when the software is no longer in Beta, there are promises that the purchase price will be a lot less than its major competitors.
So if you haven’t tried a HUD because of the price, why not check out PokrHUD today. Not only is it free, but should do everything you need to get a read on your opponents while tracking your own personal results.  Check it out!

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