Today is the Premiere of NoteCaddy Edge 3.0 Cash

Date: 2016-11-09
Author: Dan Cypra

Today is the worldwide premiere of NoteCaddy Edge Cash 3.0, a selection of advanced statistics presented in an easy way to give you an edge over your opponents.

This time developers made sure it is easy to install and use, but still very powerful when it's mastered. They prepared tutorials an videos so everybody will be able to start using it in an effective way.

Apart from ~1650 of the most valuable NoteCaddy Note Definitions it also contains:

- 13 Popups which enable you to see stats you need to use in the very situation you’re in. They're placed and colored deliberately, so you will save crucial seconds while in the process of making decisions. You won’t clutter your head with useless stats ever again.

- HUDs are engineered to be the most effective yet with all critical information accessible in a quick glance.

- Badges that seem to be a game-changer. Using multiple stats and algorithms makes them easy to learn, while exploiting complex leaks of your opponents right away. NoteCaddy Edge 3.0 contains up to 16 of them.

If you play cash games and you either have or are interested in NoteCaddy, it is worth checking out - especially since right now you can download it and try out for FREE. Just click here to give it a shot.

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