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Poker Software Revealed with Matt Walker (cheaptorque)   [Members Only]


Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand, Matt “cheaptorque” Walker is an online poker player that recently challenged himself in a thread on PocketFives to run a balance up to $10,000. The poker enthusiast has been constantly moving upwards and has...

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Poker Software Revealed with Daryl Jace   [Members Only]


As you likely already know, the poker training site Tournament Poker Edge has some of the best poker tournament players in the world teaching poker through videos. The stable of instructors is a mix of old school players that still get it done and newer players that are...

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Maximize the Number of Tables You Can Play with TableNinja II


If you are looking to put in more volume playing online poker, one way to do so is by simply allocating more time to the game you love. Another way, however, is to maximize the amount of tables you can play at once effectively. The more tables you can play at...

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First-Time HUD Users: Check Out Hand2Note


If you are looking for what might be the most powerful and sleek HUD and poker tracking database in the market, you should consider taking a look at what Hand2Note has to offer you. Since the software is not only powerful, but also easy to use, it is perfect for...

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Winamax Becomes First Online Poker Network to Offer Dealer's Choice Games


Online poker in France is ring-fenced from the rest of the world. While the two industry leaders in PokerStars France and Winamax both allow players from outside of France depending on the country they are living in and whether they have a European bank...

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Unibet Poker 2.0 Live on December 1


For many years Unibet Poker was operating smoothly on the Microgaming Poker Network. However, with a fairly large and loyal customer base, Unibet Poker wanted more control of their ecosystem, promotions and other aspects of the poker...

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