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Holdem Indicator does its job well, calculating odds, making simple plays obvious, and tracking statistics on opponents. This is probably our favorite odds calculator primarily because it isn't just an odds calculator. Holdem Indicator does everything!

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Hold'em Indicator is one of our favorite poker odds calculators. The opponent tracking is very helpful and will help beginning players get ready to use Holdem Manager and PokerTracker. The odds calculation portion works perfectly and the advice is usually correct. As with all odds calculators, we recommend using them until you have a good grasp of the odds yourself.

As a teaching tool, Holdem Indicator works well and all of the pieces of the program are simple and very easy to use. With many odds calculators, we find that the advice is generally not much better than a random guess, but Holdem Indicator does a much better job.

Holdem Indicator includes a feature called "Win Odds," which will not always be perfectly accurate, but does a much better job than any other odds calculator we have seen. It doesn't just look at how strong your hand is; it looks at how many players are in the hand and how likely they are to have various ranges. The algorithm is very effective at the lower limits.  Here is a sneak peek at the graphical user interface:

Holdem Indicator gives you the EV of your cards pre-flop by using the massive sample of hands available from PokerRoom.com, which gives you some idea about correct pre-flop play. A machine can't tell you to raise because the blinds are tight and your table image is strong right now, but it does give you better EV estimates pre-flop than any other program we have seen. It can even give you the Sklansky Group for your hand.

We especially like the data tracking portion of the program, which gives it a significant advantage over many of its competitors. The data is a simplified version of what many players do with PokerTracker 3 or Holdem Manager and will get you ready to use those programs later in your career.  Also, it can help you understand the importance of making different plays against different opponents.  At a quick glance, you will have a good idea of who the sharks and fish are at the table.  Here is what the "Opponent Stats" window looks like:

Holdem Indicator also offers numerous settings options that will allow you to customize the product to your liking.  The player stats customization section is particularly nice because no two poker players are exactly alike, so what one player may consider tight another may consider solid.  Here is a quick look at the settings screen:

As you can see, Hold'em Indicator offers advanced functionality that many odds caclulators do not.  We definitely recommend trying this program to see just how easy it is to use and how useful the detailed information can be.  Also, be sure to check out Omaha Indicator, Tournament Indicator, Stud Indicator, and iHoldem Indicator.


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