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New Jersey Poker Software Revealed with Ryan Shaw (tapouttazz9)   [Members Only]


We sat down with New Jersey poker player Ryan "tapouttazz9" Shaw to get his thoughts on poker-related software.  He is a bail bondsman by trade and enjoys playing online poker in his spare time.  He is also active over on PocketFives on the site's...

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An Overview of HH Dealer


Succeeding in online poker isn't always about how much knowledge you have about the game, but often also how much knowledge you have about the opponents you are facing on the tables.   For those of you using a poker tracking database and a HUD, you will...

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Poker Software Revealed with Leo Zamarripa (kidcardfish)   [Members Only]


We sat down with Leo "kidcardfish" Zamarripa to get his perspective on poker software.  Read on to learn about his experiences with some of the most popular pieces of poker software out...

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Why You Need Flop Inspector


With over 22,100 different flops you can potentially see while playing Texas Hold'em, is one as truly random as another?  If you know your hole cards, you can already eliminate many of the potential flops, and if you can give your opponent a range, the...

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Get Pot Odds Through PokerTableStats


PokerTableStats is a poker software tool that attaches to your online tables on PokerStars and acts as an in-game poker odds calculator and HUD.  One of the features of PokerTableStats is its display of what your pot odds are in...

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What's in Your HUD with Sam Butters (nzlking)   [Members Only]


We sat down with online tournament grinder Sam "nzlking" Butters to get his thoughts about poker software.  Nzlking currently has $105,667 in 936 online tournament cashes tracked on PocketFives, where he is ranked #10 in New...

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