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Power of HM3 Situational Views Part 1 – 3-Bet


Learn how powerful the HM3 Situational Views are for analyzing your 3betting game. Situational views are powerful visual views of various parts of your game normally only achieved by creating complex filters. This is part one of a 3 part series which expands on how to use this new powerful feature within...

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NoteCaddy Now Available in Beta for Free for PokerTracker 4


Players using Hold’em Manager 2 have been enjoying the advantages on the tables and in their studies for many years that NoteCaddy has been providing them. NoteCaddy offers many valuable features to help players make better decisions on the...

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TableNinja II Now Supports iPoker


TableNinja II has announced that they now fully support poker clients operating on the iPoker network.  Some popular poker clients on the iPoker Network include William Hill Poker, Titan Poker, Betfair Poker and...

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Learn From Justin Ouimette (birddy420) at Tournament Poker Edge


Cash game and tournaments are completely different beasts in poker. In cash games, players are usually deep stacked and blinds do not increase. In tournaments, players are often of varying stakes and many different concepts come into play...

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Remain Balanced with SnowieApp


A poker tracking database and a HUD is a must in today’s online gaming environment. The information it provides on your opponents and your own game is...

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New Videos from Chris Wallace (Fox) Released at Ivey League


Many players choose to subscribe to poker training websites and watch videos to improve their game. If you want to think like a pro and have a wide variety of instruction material, there may be no better place to learn than Ivey...

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