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Phil Ivey Releases New Poker Training Video at Ivey League


Poker players are always looking for ways to improve their game.  Many turn to the poker training site Ivey League due to its huge stable of world-class poker instructors and the fact that it's the face of 10-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner and...

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PokerStars Now Shows Hole Cards During All-Ins


Live poker and online poker are almost two different games. While the strategy behind both can often remain the same, there are some glaring differences including getting physical reads on opponents in live poker and being able to multi-table while playing...

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SharkScope Successfully Integrated into Poker Copilot


If you play tournaments and/or sit and gos, you know SharkScope is a great site to look up detailed and filterable stats on how both you and your opponents have performed in these games.  What you may not realize is that SharkScope also offers a...

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Nate Meyvis Releases PLO8 Series at Tournament Poker Edge


If you want to learn from some of the best tournament players in the world, you should definitely check out the poker training site Tournament Poker Edge.  Many training sites offer videos on how to improve at poker tournaments, but Tournament Poker Edge focuses...

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Advanced Poker Training Releases The Upper Hand


The popular poker training site Advanced Poker Training is constantly adding new features to provide more value and entertainment to its customers.  This week, Advanced Poker Training released a great new feature called The Upper...

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Hold'em Manager 2 Updates PokerStars Support


It is tough to succeed in online poker without the help of a HUD and a corresponding poker tracking database.  Many players choose Hold'em Manager 2 due to its robust, flexible HUD, its powerful database, and the availability of many apps in the HM App...

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