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Get a Custom Build of Hold'em Manager 2


If you operate a training site, poker forum, or any other online poker community, you should be interested to learn that you can partner with Hold'em Manager 2 via a personalized, co-branded, custom build of its popular and powerful poker tracking...

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PokerTracker Invades Poker Night in America


"Poker Night in America" debuted in the United States on the CBS Sports Network on June 29.  The 29 episodes in its inaugural season were such a hit that it was recently renewed for two more years, with the network moving it from the...

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PokerTracker 4 Makes Changes to ICM Calculator, TableTracker


The leading third-party poker software provider PokerTracker has just released Version 4.12.1, which addresses some of the needs of its players.  The newest version of PokerTracker now has new language for wildcard in Omaha for the...

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Effectively Reviewing Hands with Leak Buster


If you are a cash game player looking to improve your profitability, there may be no better path to do so than plugging your leaks.  Let's face it, more and more players are using advanced HUDs such as AJackson Advantage and NoteCaddy Edge to pinpoint your...

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Why You Should Care About PokerTableStats' Draw Meter


Online poker players love PokerTableStats for its simple design and powerful software.  The software provides a HUD and in-game poker odds calculator right on your PokerStars table, giving you your odds and outs along with other helpful...

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Winamax Launches Anonymous Cash Game Tables


The French online poker market leader Winamax recently introduced anonymous cash game tables called Incognito Tables.  Players are able to sit at these anonymous games, which are available at all stakes, and are assigned a name "Incognito 1"...

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