Interview with ipSkinner Founders

Date: 2008-11-30
Author: Dan Cypra

Last week, brought you an article about the features of ipSkinner, a program that allows you to customize the look and feel of online poker rooms on the iPoker Network. Sites on the massive poker network include CDPoker, Titan Poker, Noble Poker, Chilipoker, and Tony G Poker. That group will soon also be joined by Sun Poker. Recently, sought out the founders of ipSkinner in order to learn how the up and coming software program was founded as well as what new advances its customers can expect in the future. Where did the decision to launch ipSkinner come from?

IPS: Around one month ago, I was looking for a skinning tool for iPoker rooms. Unfortunately, there was simply no way out there for quick and easy skinning. Of course, there was iBolide, but it was just a demo version with a lot of advertising directly on the poker tables, so playing while using it was horrible. That’s why I decided to build my own skinning tool. At first, it was just only for me. A friend of mine tested it and suggested that I should publish it onto some poker forums because it works great. With the ideas and suggestions of other players, I’ve implemented more and more features. Explain why ipSkinner is still a free program.

IPS: My opinion is that no one should take money for such simple skinning features because it was not that much work to make. However, it was a lot of work to implement other features like long-term skinning, changing the font color (which is coming in the next version), hotkeys, and other things like that. Therefore, we decided to offer a free version for everyone and to publish a premium version for a low and fair price with advanced features. Talk about the differences between ipSkinner and iBolide.

IPS: The first advantage of ipSkinner that I can see is our fast development. In nearly one month, we built ipSkinner. Version 3.0 is coming soon and is much better than iBolide 1.06. Another difference is the price. In general, I am a poker player and not a software developer. In my opinion, $39 for a program like iBolide is way too much. Therefore, we offer the ipSkinner premium version with a fair price of $20, which should be affordable even for players with a small bankroll.

We didn’t build ipSkinner to make money; we built it in order to have an easy tool to skin poker rooms. Therefore, our decisions are not made because of financial interest, but rather because we are always looking out for what’s best for our costumers. The development will continue very fast and I am sure that in a few weeks no one will spend $39 for such a tool anymore. What do you foresee the future of the industry to be?

IPS: In the last few years, more and more programmers have discovered poker and tried to make money with their programs. Online poker is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Therefore, I simply can't understand why the poker rooms are not able to give their users what they want. It's very strange that online poker players have to use other programs in order to get a better experience at the tables. Maybe some poker rooms will further develop their software in the future. What feedback have you received from customers?

IPS: We have received a ton of feedback from our customers. Without it, ipSkinner would not be where it is today. Therefore, we are happy to hear any suggestions, feature requests, or criticism. I personally think that it's very important to give our users what they want and we try to do this every time. It's not that easy to satisfy all of our customers, but we try to give them our best.

Visit ipSkinner today and give the program a test run for yourself. Also, check out its Christmas raffle.

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