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 License: Hold'em Only: $10/month, Flop Games: $20/Month, Unlimited Games: $100/Month

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Pokeit is a web-based service that stores your hand history files in a cloud in order for you to simplify your record keeping and assist with your online poker game analysis. Pokeit includes a hand browser, reports, graphs, and replayer.

Pokeit Full Review

Pokeit is very easy to use and it's free to sign up and get started for the first 10,000 hands.  After signing up for an account, you need to download a client in order to grab the hands from your hard drive.  The software automatically detects which folders you are saving your hand history files in and there is also an option to manually add a folder.

For those of you with a ton of hand history files on your hard drive, you no longer have to have system resources store all of these hands for you.  The downside of having a plethora of hand history files is that it takes a bit of time to upload to Pokeit initially.  As an example, 12,000 hands took six minutes to upload.

Once the hands are uploaded, Pokeit automatically sends you an email with vital information along with a link to your Dashboard.  The Dashboard is where the benefit of Pokeit comes along via its Hand Browser, Report Builder, Smart Graphs, and Replayer.

When you first load up the web-based dashboard, you are provided a down and dirty summary of your overall performance along with a graph.  Along the left side, you will find various options to dig further into your game:

The Hand Browser allows you to view your hands, which are filterable by played hands, starred hands, and shared hands.  You can also add a tag to any hand and set this as an additional filter.  When clicking on any individual hand, you can easily share it through social media like Facebook or Twitter as well as many popular poker forums.  The browser is great for reviewing, and when you hover over any particular name in a hand, you'll see statistics about that player.

The Report Builder is quite powerful and loads quite quickly.  There are reports for Sessions, Players, Games, Hands, and Position.  Each report also has filters within them to help you drill down for the information you are looking for.

The Smart Graph function is perfect for anyone who likes to look at things from a trending perspective.  The graph has filters for Sessions, Table Currency, Sites, Games, Limit Types, Stakes, Buy-ins, and Dates.  You can combine these filters to provide the detailed graph you are looking for and save them for future use.

The Replayer runs more smoothly than any hand history replayer we have seen.  Besides being able to load the Replayer on the left menu bar, you can launch it on any hand in the Hand Browser.  You can view and adjust your stats in the Replayer. Hovering over any player box will show your top three stats and clicking on the player box will expand to six.  You can change your settings by clicking on the gear:

One of the features we like about Pokeit is that if the game is played online, Pokeit will recognize that and be able to give you reporting information on that game type.  Too many statistics or tracking programs stick to the main games of Hold’em and Omaha and ignore the other games like Stud, Razz, and Badugi.

Pokeit is free for up to 10,000 hands, so you can definitely give it a test drive on a limited part of your database to see if you like it before committing.  Depending on how many hands you are storing, the price ranges from $10 to $100 a month.  This is a small price to pay to have record keeping of all of your cash games, sit and gos, and tournaments without having to do any manual input.


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