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 License: NoteCaddy Edge Holdem Cash Essentials: $99, NoteCaddy Edge Holdem Cash Ultimate: $199, NoteCaddy Edge PLO: $99, NoteCaddy Edge SnG: $99, NoteCaddy Edge MTT: $99

NoteCaddy Edge Synopsis

NoteCaddy Edge is a product created by professional online poker players that gives a significant "edge" to those who use NoteCaddy. The software achieves this by providing a Custom Definition Pack and access to dedicated support and forums. This, in turn, can improve a player's overall hourly win rate.

NoteCaddy Edge Full Review

NoteCaddy Edge only operates with Holdem Manager 2.  You must also purchase the NoteCaddy Premium add-on available in the HM App store.  NoteCaddy Edge can save you countless hours by providing a variety of badges, pre-configured HUDs, and definitions.  The software takes advantage of the fact that almost all players have tendencies in their games.  NCE auto-rates these tendencies and provides them to you in an easily identifiable, color-coded badge.  These badges show up on each hand.

The installation of Note Caddy Edge isn’t 100% straightforward like most software downloads; however, they provide a step-by-step guide to help you along.  If you have a large hand history database, expect the process to take a few hours.  They will assist you via Team Viewer if you need any help with installation, so you won't be left out in the cold.

NoteCaddy Edge is perfect for every type of poker player. It offers separate software packs for No Limit Hold'em cash game players, Pot Limit Omaha cash game players, sit and gos, and multi-table tournaments. It has both a limited version of a NLHE pack called Holdem Essentials and a more advanced pack called Holdem Ultimate. If you're using a software package like this for the first time, we would recommend using the Essentials Pack first to learn how to use the most important badges and definitions before upgrading to the Ultimate Pack.

NoteCaddy Edge's most advanced pack, the Holdem Ultimate Pack, comes with an impressive 69 badges (136 including opposite badges) along with 785 definitions. The PLO Pack comes with 39 badges (77 including opposite badges) along with 273 definitons. The Holdem Essentials pack is a toned-down version of the software that still provides 55 badges (108 including opposite badges) and 240 definitions, which is more than enough to get started with.

NoteCaddy Edge also has a SNG pack that includes 25 badges and 141 definitions.  Many SNG regulars are multi-tabling and not aware of their edges.  NoteCaddy Edge does all of the work for you and tells you how to best exploit your opponents without them even realizing they are exploitable.

Tournament players do not need to feel left out, as there is a software pack for this niche as well.  The MTT Pack comes with 37 badges (73 including opposite badges) along with 153 definitions.  Similar to the other packs, there are auto-rate rules for both six-max and nine-max formats.

Its badge categories include 3bet and one-and-done badges, bet vs. missed bets on all streets for SRP/3BP badges, what opponent does after checking back badges, triple-barrel badges, pre-flop 3/4/5bet badges, big blind vs. small blind badges, re-steal badges, over-bet badges, raising flop and barreling off badges, scare card badges, badges dealing with half-pot c-bets, and more:

If what the software provides isn't enough for you and you want more, NCE will design a custom-made definition for you.

NCE includes one to three professional custom HUDs, depending on which package you purchase, along with custom HUD pop-ups.  There are documents explaining how to best utilize and exploit your opponents with badges, definitions, custom HUDs, and HUD pop-ups:

Since NoteCaddyEdge has an endless amount of memory, it will keep recording data and add it into the customized categories that are created in the Note Caddy Edge package. The Custom Definition Pack has the ability to provide users with exploitable leaks on just about every player, assuming the hand history sample size is large enough, regardless of whether they are new fish or seasoned regulars.

NCE prides itself on good customer service.  They have a dedicated forum for answering questions and are also available for one-on-one help via Skype.

Note Caddy Edge costs $99 for Hold’em or Omaha and $125 for both.  The SNG pack will set you back $99.  Ths also includes free updates for life.  There is a limited trial version that includes five badges, five note definitions, a detailed installation guide, and explanations about each badge. Here's a badge pop-up, by the way:

For cash game and sit and go players, I would recommend this product to take advantage of your opponents. You can see for yourself through the trial version before committing to a purchase.


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November, 5, 2013

Hard to play without it now! Very good!

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