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Many major online poker sites are now offering the ability to play real money online poker on your smartphone or tablet. While playing mobile poker does not beat the experience of playing poker at home on your computer, the overall feel is comparable. Different poker sites are available on different types of devices in different countries.
All of the available country-specific mobile online poker applications will download  easily to an Android device. However, you may run into some difficulties if your operating system is old or you have a phone or tablet that is locked. All of the available iPad applications will run on any type of iPad. However, the iPhone applications will likely only work on the more recent releases of the iPhone.
PokerStars has an application for both Apple and Android devices and it is available for download in many countries. 888 Poker also has an application available in many countries for Android devices. However, its iPad application is not as universally available. There is no 888Poker application available for the iPhone. A few Ongame skins such as bwin will work on the Android, but do not yet have an application for Apple products.
Overall, online poker applications are great for players on the go, players who are relaxing outdoors instead of reading a book, and players who are getting a quick session in while on vacation.
There are some drawbacks, however, to playing on a mobile device. It is easier to make mistakes when playing on a phone instead of a computer due to the smaller action buttons. On a decent-sized tablet, however, this is probably not a major problem. It is highly recommended when playing mobile poker to utilize a WiFi network. For when this is not possible, you should make sure your mobile connection is strong, as the last thing you want is to be in the middle of a hand, not have a good connection, and lose money.
Since mobile poker applications were designed for purposes of playing poker, not all of the ancillary software you are used to on your computer will be available on your phone or tablet. For example, third-party programs including HUDs that you may be used to using on your computer will not available while playing on a mobile device.
When playing on your mobile phone, you also need to be careful when answering it. Mobile poker applications will automatically sit you out on your previously active poker tables while you're engaged in a phone conversation. In many cases, you will also need to restart the mobile poker application to sit back down.
Playing poker on a mobile device is perfect for certain situations and players. For many, the smooth feeling of mobile poker will hook them into hardly using their computer, especially if the potential drawbacks will not have an effect on their play. For multi- tablers and many others, however, there is no substitute for playing on your computer.

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