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 License: 1 month free trial. Small-Mid Stakes version: $15 for 3 months, $24 for 6 months, or $37 for 1 year. High-Stakes (full) version: $46 for 3 months, $75 for 6 months, or $126 for 1 year.

Mosaic Table Organizer Synopsis

Mosaic Table Organizer is a poker software tool designed to organize your poker tables when multi-tabling online. The software is scalable across many different online poker rooms regardless of how many tables are played at once, enabling you to navigate more tables simultaneously and effectively.

Mosaic Table Organizer Full Review

Mosaic Table Organizer is downloadable on just about any computer with a Windows operating system in a zip file, and from there it is easy to extract and install.  Setting up any preferences in the software and getting it up and running should be fast and easy for most people.

The software will keep your tables organized across many different poker sites and networks including PokerStars,, Full Tilt, 888 Poker, Winamax, iPoker, PartyPoker, Ongame, and Microgaming.  As long as you play on these sites, the software will make it seem like you are just playing on one site and organize your tables in a grid so you don't have to worry about it while new tables pop in and out.

The software allows you to automatically have layouts based on the number of tables you have.  So, if you quickly go from 6 tables at once to 12, the software will automatically organize a new grid, sizing your tables to take advantage of your screen space.  The reverse holds true as tables get shut down.

The software has a bunch of cool other features to help players keep their tables organized effectively.  One of the features we liked best is that Mosaic allows you organize your tables based on your choice of buy-in or size of the big blind so you will be able to keep the most important tables always in focus.

The software also allows you to use multiple monitors.  This allows poker players to add more poker tables at once due to the extra screen space the software will run on.

Mosaic Table Organizer doesn't stop with just organizing your tables, as it will also organize your tournament lobbies.  This is important for poker players who are near the bubble or otherwise want to check in on tournament lobbies frequently.

One helpful user setting included in the software is the ability to set a warning and delay on arranging when new tables pop up.  This will avoid unnecessary mis-clicks that otherwise could happen.

You can also set up a user setting to have the software ignore tables entirely if you wish to manage them yourself.  While this feature may prove unnecessary, it is a cool one to have in case for some reason you do not want the software controlling a table.

The software will not interfere with most other types of poker software.  For example, if you use a HUD, you can still use it and your stats will appear on your tables regardless of how Mosaic organizes them for you.

If you want to multi-table more effectively, there is really no reason not to try out Mosaic Table Organizer.  The software is risk-free for 30 days and after that it is very reasonably priced for any type of poker player.

The Micro-Mid Stakes version of the software will work on any table with up to a $55 buy-in and costs $12 for 3 months, $19 for 6 months, or $29 for the full year.  The High-Stakes version costs a bit more at $36 for 3 months, $59 for 6 months, or $99 for the full year, but is still a huge bargain considering it will run on any table across multiple networks.


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