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Omaha Indicator is the only program for Omaha players that combines an odds calculator with stat tracking. Great for learning and even better for serious players.

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Omaha Indicator combines an odds calculator, table tracker, and statistical tracking software all into one program that automatically detects tables and attaches to them. It worked smoothly and did its job well in our tests, making it one of our preferred programs for Omaha players. It comes from the same company that gave us Holdem Indicator, Tournament Indicator, Stud Indicator, and iHoldem Indicator and works in a similar fashion.

The odds calculator is nearly instant and gives pot odds along with the odds of winning given your hand strength. The odds of winning for High-Low Split (the program works for both types of Omaha) is given for both high and low separately, a helpful feature.  Just as with Holdem Indicator, Omaha Indicator includes a feature called "Win Odds," which does a much better job than any other odds calculator we have seen. It doesn't just look at how strong your hand is, it also looks at how many players are in the hand and how likely they are to have various ranges. The algorithm is very effective at lower limits.

The odds calculator also gives more detailed stats in the Heads-Up Display (HUD), such as the probability of making each hand, which will be a big help to players just learning the game.  Here is a look at the display:

The stat tracking on opponents is automatic and, while not as detailed as PokerTracker Omaha, it is smoother and eats up less computing power while giving all of the major stats. VPIP, PFR, AF, WSD, and the number of hands are all tracked, as is the total win or loss for each opponent. Advanced players will use this feature more than the odds calculator.  The opponent statistics window will look like this:

Another great feature of the prgoram is the You Have The Nuts Alert.  It's very easy to over look or misread a hand in omaha, especially when you are playing multiple tables.  This alert will make sure that doesn't happen because you are alerted with the following:


Omaha Indicator works with every major online poker room, a much wider range than any other Omaha tracking program we have worked with. It will be a huge help to players on smaller networks including Svenska Spel, where useful Omaha software has been non-existent until now.

Bottom line - We like it a lot and we'll be using Omaha Indicator whenever we play Omaha from now on.  Also, be sure to check out Holdem Indicator and Tourney Indicator.


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