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Why Play at PKR:

  • 120% deposit bonus up to $800.
  • The best software graphics in the industry.
  • Dozens of freerolls per month. Synopsis

As the video game generation gets older, poker sites are pandering more and more to the tastes of young internet kids who want in on the action of online poker. Instead of wasting their money with games like World of Warcraft, the excitement of real money action has awaited them, minus the high quality graphics and tedious avatar customization – until now. Enter PKR, one of the newest poker rooms on the internet that features state-of-the-art graphics, a customizable avatar, and a donk-happy player pool. Full Review

The first time you play at PKR, you'll be blown away by the ridiculous amount of attention your avatar can receive.  Beyond gender, you can pick out customizable outfits, specific chip tricks, and even the type of accent you speak with.  Beyond what is available in the "Wardrobe” area, a player can gain PKR points by battling at real money tables and then buy even more customized apparel and tricks.

Playing on PKR is more like playing a video game than actual real money poker.  It feels like someone took the graphic approach to a game like World of Warcraft and applied it to a real money poker room.  While you play, you'll get a pretty solid (if not tiring) casino experience with players at the table making sound effects.

Since a player can only play at four tables at a time and the fact that the tables move incredibly slowly, this poker room is definitely not for those who like to multi-table and grind out profits.  Instead, PKR is perfect for the casual player who wants a fun and entertaining experience that almost makes the poker secondary to the overall appeal of the site.


New players are welcomed to PKR through a generous 125% bonus up to $500.  Along with the initial deposit bonus, players also receive six premium freeroll tickets and 1,500 PKR points.  As mentioned before, there is a large degree of customization of your avatar; it's like World of Warcraft or The Sims for real money.  Hip theme songs rock in the background as you customize your avatar or look for a game to play in:

Cash Games

During peak hours, you'll find plenty of No Limit Texas Hold'em action on the site ranging from the $0.02-$0.04 penny stakes all the way up to a regular $5-$10 and $10-$20 games.  There's a good amount of traffic on the site for small-stakes cash game players all the way up through the $0.50-$1 tables.  Although the site doesn't rank very high in terms of overall traffic, its cash game tables are always busy.


The site always has tournaments running and is anchored by daily $24 and weekly big buy-in events.  On top of this, PKR offers premium freerolls, which have limited fields and decent payout schedules:

Overall Impression

If you want something completely different than all other poker rooms, then PKR is the place you should play.  It's not for hardcore players and definitely to be avoided if you enjoy playing a lot of tables at the same time.  This site is perfect for the casual poker player who would really geek out over things like customizing their avatar and making funny noises while seated at a table.  The real good news is that most of the players seem recreational and get caught up in the features rather than the actual poker, equaling a pretty fishy player pool.


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