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 License: 2-Week Free Trial, 2 Months for $19.90, 6 months for $47.90, 12 months for $77.90, 18 months for $99.90

HoldemResources Synopsis

HoldemResources Calculator is a post-game analytical program designed for Texas Hold'em Tournaments and sit and gos. Whether you are an expert on push/fold situations and ICM or just starting out, this calculator will help you take your game to the next level through understanding of the math behind Texas Hold'em situations.

HoldemResources Full Review

HoldemResources Calculator is easily downloadable to both Windows-based computers and computers with the Mac OS X or Linux operating systems.  After downloading, there is a basic help guide to get you started.  For more advanced issues or questions, there is a dedicated thread on Two Plus Two.

If you're using this program to evaluate actual situations you have been in, it is important to link up the software to your hand history folders on a variety of sites.  Alternatively, you can set up the program to read directly from your Holdem Manager 1 or 2 or PokerTracker 3 or 4 databases.

Importing hands is a breeze and is pretty quick even when importing a ton of hands at once.  To minimize your import time, you can limit the number of hands being imported and set a date range for your analysis.

Once you have imported your hands, all you need to do is find a tournament or sit and go that you want to evaluate and use the quick analyze tool.  All you need to do is tell Holdem Resources Calculator what the payouts are for the tournament you have selected and it will quickly run through the hands of that tournament.  You will quickly see what hands you have played optimally from an ICM perspective and which hands you might want to further evaluate for not having proper equity.

The analysis includes a heat map showing you which hands you should have raised or called with and which hands were folds.  There is also a graph to show you where your hand falls on the range of playability.  You can run through your hands and find your leaks.  This tool will help you learn ICM, which is crucial if you are a sit and go grinder or if you find yourself on many final tables of multi-table tournaments.

If this is not enough for you, you can play around with situations on your own using the basic or advanced hand import tool.  The basic tool allows you to see your push/fold and 3bet/overcall ranges based on chip stack sizes and prize payouts.  You can choose Malmuth-Harville ICM, Malmuth-Weitzman ICM, ChipEV in Big Blinds, or Future Game Situation for your analysis:

The advanced hand import tool works fairly similarly; however, it takes into account 3+ bets, flat calls, and limps.  You can only choose Malmuth-Harville ICM or ChipEV in Big Blinds to run this simulation.

Another unique aspect of Hold'em Resources Calculator is its range equity calculator.  Here, you can take a look at your equity based on your hand range versus the hand ranges of two of your villains.  This tool is perfect to use when ICM doesn’t come into play since you can see if your play is +EV over time.  The ranges are easily assignable using percentages and via a map of cards you can easily add or remove these ranges:

HoldemResources Calculator is a must-have tool for anyone looking to improve their profitability in sit and gos or tournaments.  The software has a two-week trial.  When considering one correct decision based off your learning process can pay that back many times over, you are basically throwing away money by not using this tool.


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