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Tournament Indicator comes as advertised: smooth, efficient, and extremely helpful. However, the program will not win tournaments on its own and needs to be used with proper understanding.

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Specifically designed for Texas Hold’em tournament play, Tournament Indicator is a one-of-a-kind program that acts as the perfect aid for beginning MTT players. While other poker odds calculators will produce the same odds and EV calculations as this neat little piece of software, they won’t be able to provide users with critical, tournament-specific information.

The basic functionality of Tournament Indicator follows the standards set by Holdem Indicator with its quick and clear odds calculation display that attaches itself to tournament tables. Comparing win odds, pot odds, and potential hand strength on every street has never been easier.

First on the list of exclusive Tournament Indicator features is an MZone monitor. With instant MZone calculations, players will not only be aware of what MZone they’re in, but they’ll also be able to keep an eye on their opponents’ stacks. As all tournament grinders know, stack sizes are extremely important, especially in the late stages of MTT play.

Another function of Tournament Indicator that sets it apart from other odds calculators is a player profiling display. Essentially a Heads-Up Display (HUD), Tournament Indicator’s stat console tracks Aggression, VPIP%, PFR%, showdown wins, and much more. Holdem Manager and PokerTracker show more in-depth stats, but for an odds calculator, Tournament Indicator’s capabilities are unmatched:

Tournament Indicator also has a few other notable options. The Tilt Factor Monitoring gives users a look at an opponent’s tilt potential by tracking their win and loss streaks. MatchCard Showdown helps players make all-in decisions by providing a summary of potential hand ranges. Finally, fully customizable settings allow players to tweak their software and table to ensure an optimized display.

Customers should beware that Tournament Indicator can’t win tournaments for you. Unfortunately, like all odds calculators, the main problem is that if you’re not careful, the program can get you into trouble. Tournament Indicator gives you all of the relevant stats and up-to-date information, but what it can’t do is read a situation or an opponent. The software needs to be used in combination with your judgment of table flow, structure, and skill levels of your opponents.

When used correctly, Tournament Indicator is a dangerous weapon that provides owners with odds calculations, player stats, and other pertinent tournament related information. The program is quick, easy-to-use, and completely unobtrusive. If you’re a tournament player looking for a tool to enhance your game instead of a crutch to lean on, Tournament Indicator could be the answer.  Also, check out Hold'em Indicator, iHoldem Indicator, Stud Indicator, and Omaha Indicator.


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Member Reviews


mindonfire's Review of Tournament Indicator

March, 27, 2010

This is the first review I have watched here that actually hinted that the site really is pushing particular software. Fox needs to first, wake up, and second, actually learn how to use the software before going off on it. Now, I have not affiliation with TI and I don't think it is the best software out that, but even with my limited knowledge I know that this software is much more effective than they make it out to be here. I'm not going to try to sell it. I don't care. But a couple thoughts. Anyone who is clicking fold, call or bet based on software has no idea what they are doing. And OF COURSE the software can't read players! Of course, TI does a much better job profiling than just about every other similar program out there - and we are not talking about PT3, HM, etc. This is a different class of software. And profiling is where TI does surprisingly well. Since software can't read players (Duh), Ti does a good job of providing you with quick, easily recognizable information which make playing and especially multi-tabling much easier and faster. Get what you like. I'm just saying that I finally ran into a product that I clearly know more about that the reviewer and it is clear that the review here is missing a ton of information and is, at worst, though hopefully not, deliberately biased. After watching the negative take, I'd recommend watching someone use it who likes it, sells it and takes full advantage of it. Look for Marty Smith videos on Tournament Indicator. While he clearly pushes it, he does a much better job demonstrating what the software can and can't do.

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skip's Review of Tournament Indicator

January, 25, 2009

Tournament Indicator is a very basic tool that isn't very useful. I wouldn't recommend this. If you watch the video you'll know what I'm talking about.

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