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 License: Varies based on stakes and game type

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Hand2Note is a dynamic HUD and poker tracking analysis program that works with the most popular online poker rooms currently available for real-money play. The software differentiates itself from the competition with a clearly designed, fast database, and dynamic statistics, presenting you the most useful information possible in just about any circumstance.

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Hand2Note is a poker tracking database and HUD designed with the user in mind.  Gone are the days of just having general information.  Now, players demand information to understand their opponents' tendencies in very specific circumstances.  Hand2Note can accomplish this and much more with its sleek database design and dynamic functionality.

Installing and using Hand2Note couldn't be any easier.  The only hiccup you may have is if you do not currently have Microsoft Framework 4.6 on your computer.  Even if this is the case, the Hand2Note installation process will guide you through getting this additional software.

Additionally, importing hand histories also couldn't be any simpler.  The software is preconfigured to find hands from a previous poker tracking database or you can set it up to auto-import from folders on your computer based on where your various online poker clients save hands.

In our tests, we were able to import almost 150,000 hands in about 40 seconds and the database compiled all the statistics in about two minutes.  This was much faster than expected and even if you have millions of hands, you shouldn't have to wait long to be up and running.
Once you have all your data imported, using the database is as simple as clicking on the screen name one of your opponents.  From here, you can take a look at data in just about any situation you can think of with very clearly designed menu options.

As the name of the software suggests, you not only can take notes on a player, but you can also take notes on a stat or even on a particular hand.  This can prove to be useful not only when you are reviewing, but also when taken on an opponent while playing.  Also of note is that you can import an actual hand into a note, which will prove useful when you are wondering why you made a note to begin with.

By hovering over any player statistic in your database, you will receive more information about it.  For example, for pre-flop statistics, you will instantly receive a heat-map showing how often players have had certain holdings to make up the statistic.  From there, you can hover over any hand combination in the heat map to see all the hands that were played with that combination.

The information is clearly presented in one line, along the ability to quickly launch a hand history replayer to see any hand you wish in action.  Similarly, for post-flop statistics you can quickly receive tons of useful information in a diagram.

While we loved the database design, the HUD proved to be exceptional.  Not only is it clearly designed with many options, but it also helps filter the information for what you need the most.  For example, the HUD can present you information which is just reg vs. reg.  This is something, as far as we know, that no other poker tracking database does and it is quite useful considering a regular player will play much differently against a fish than against another regular player:

With Hand2Note, your HUD data does not have to be cluttered with information played against fish that will distort the stats and not give you a true reading on how a particular opponent may react against you.

Additionally, the HUD reacts dynamically depending on your situation.  Stats will be presented based off position compared to your position, effective stack sizes, number of players, and the number of hands on a player.  On some sites, the software will also show you a particular stat within a hand right after your opponent made that particular play:

To summarize, Hand2Note is unlike any other poker tracking database available.  Its sleek design makes it very easy to use and its power will help you take your game to the next level.  We recommend you check out Hand2Note to take your playing experience and poker analysis to the next level.


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