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 License: $49 per year, which includes Hold'em Profiler

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Poker Calculator Pro comes from renowned poker software developer Poker Pro Labs. This handy utility can be used with multi-table tournaments and sit and gos. The program determines the percentage and odds of winning without knowing what your opponents' hands are while playing. Poker Calculator Pro automatically detects your hands and displays your percentage chance of winning as well as your odds to draw to any number of hands. In addition, Poker Calculator Pro has different styles of play built in, as well as different table types, so a player can adjust for the table and style of play they wish to employ. The program even gives recommended actions during the game via an on-screen HUD and voice commands.

Poker Calculator Pro Full Review

For many beginning players who like to play tournaments, the math and odds behind poker are beyond their comprehension.  Poker Calculator Pro is a Windows program that gives players real-time advice in hands. Its HUD displays the various odds they are drawing to in order to make their hands. Poker Calculator Pro advises whether to fold, bet, raise, or call by grabbing the hand and running it through its database. Here's a sneak peek:

Once you have installed the poker odds calculator (with minimal hassle), open up its main window, which comes pre-installed with game play types so a user can set their profile to be a normal tight/aggressive or loose player.  You can also load in preset table preferences if you find yourself at tight tables or loose tables to adjust the intelligence of the program.  Once you open up one of the supported online poker rooms, the program will auto-detect where the hand history will be loaded in.  With this information, Poker Calculator Pro assigns profiles (in the form of on-screen icons) to let you know what types of players (fish, loose players, etc.) you are playing with.

While you are using the program, a bottom panel will attach to the table automatically.  From there, you'll select the table layout (such as nine-max or six-max) and the program will display all of the players and their associated actions for the hand.  On the table itself, you will see the auto-rated player type icons, your odds of winning, your odds of drawing to a hand, as well as very helpful icons below each player that tells you their action for each street.  This very helpful "street icon" is probably the most underrated feature of the program.

While playing, the program will calculate odds and give you a recommended action.  You are not given bet amounts, but simply what action to take (not supported at PokerStars).  The intelligence of the program seems very solid save for when you play heads-up. When you square off mano-a-mano, the program goes into tight-aggressive mode so much so that it recommended making folds with good hands on the button where most heads-up books and coaches would say to make a raise.  With the ability to change your play type, the program can adjust with your intervention:

Overall, this is a program that is best used by players who are familiarizing themselves with tournament play (multi- or single-table) and how to calculate odds.  It's a nice safety net for micro-stakes players and is extremely easy to use and install.


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