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 License: Seeds: Free, includes four free samples. Roots: $29.99(micro-stakes). Iron Lion: $49.99 (small-stakes).

Poker Zion Synopsis is a poker training site with a linear method of instructing its poker students. You aren’t left to figure out which videos might be for you – you’ll be instructed as to what videos to watch and in what order. For players brand new to the game or learning poker online, this training site has a very straightforward approach.

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Poker Zion is not your run-of-the-mill poker training site where you’re left to your own devices to figure out what to study.  The focus here is quite the opposite: you’re taken on a step-by-step journey to becoming a better poker player.

For micro-stakes players looking to win consistently, you’ll start off with Roots training courses.  It’s a six-month course designed to teach you the fundamentals to dominate the games.  Subscribers will receive one e-mail per week covering a variety of topics including pre-flop play, 3bets and 4bets, blind defense, draws, and playing out of position.  Here is a look at the courses:

The first week has seven videos, starting with an “Off Table” three-part series that teaches you how to sleep, eat, and exercise to get your body and mind in the right shape to play long sessions.  There are topics that cover breathing, routines for keeping in control, bankroll management, and more.  The first week concludes with a Heads-Up Display (HUD) workshop and a module for Bankroll Management.

When you want to watch one of the modules, there will be a big graphic with a “Click Here” button in your inbox.  When you press it, you’ll be taken to the website, where you will be asked to log in.  Once you do so, you’ll automatically be routed to the video.  The Poker Zion videos can only be watched from your web browser, meaning that there is nothing to download onto your computer.

The videos are well made and similar to what you would see on other poker training sites.  Most of the lecture videos show slides while the instructor explains the theory.  Many of the videos show on-table action with commentary from the instructor.  The quality of the instructors is solid as well, as these are players who know what they are talking about.  For micro-stakes players, PokerZion is a perfect place to get your feet wet and really learn what it takes to win at online poker.

Aside from the poker training modules, the Poker Zion forum is heavily populated.  There are sections for strategy articles, cash game hand history reviews, sit and go hand history reviews, and MTT hand history reviews.  There are also discussion sections for videos, instructors, and courses:

Overall, has done a great job of not repeating what other sites have done and have paved a very unique way of teaching online poker players.  The site’s videos are well made and, best of all, there’s a linear path for students to take on their journey to dominating online poker.


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