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Flopzilla is a tool aimed and allowing online poker players to develop insights into how certain ranges hit particular flops. It offers the ability to have a user enter a range and flop and shows how that player's range hits the flop.

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Once an online poker player starts studying while at a table, they immediately begin to get better.  The use of a Heads-Up Display (HUD), which graphically overlays on a table and gives statistics on a villain, has provided aid to a bevy of players.  Instead of thinking to yourself, "This guy could be playing any pocket pair above nines or any Broadway hand," we see a number representing a range.  What a thinking player has to master is how that range hits a flop.

Enter Flopzilla. This tool is extremely easy to use and helps players understand how ranges of hands hit certain flops.

There are five main areas of Flopzilla, starting with the saved hand groupings.  By default, there are premium, mid-pocket pair, and small pocket pair groupings saved. Selecting them brings these groupings up in the hand matrix, which shows every possible combination of hand that you can select to be analyzed.  Below the hand matrix is a slider to pick starting hands based on their mathematical placement.  For example, if you slide it over to 15%, you'll see that all pocket pairs and a lot of Broadway hands are highlighted.

The “Flop” area shows all 52 cards as well as "Clear" and "Random" buttons to help make picking the first three cards a breeze.  To the right of the Flop area is the “Statistics” area, which almost instantly shows the likelihood of the range hitting the flop with all the way from quads or better to nothing.  There's also an area for “Dead Cards” if you want to remove certain cards from the deck.  Here is a sneak peek at a portion of the display:

Using Flopzilla will drastically improve your understanding of flop textures and how certain ranges hit particular boards.  This is an essential skill in understanding and improving your post-flop play.  This program is $35, making it a no-brainer to use during your study sessions.  It also has a free seven-day trial.  It's fascinating to see how often a donk playing a 42% pre-flop range hits an ace-high flop for top pair or better (more than 25%) or absolutely nothing (50%).

These types of insights into hand ranges will improve your game if you simply play around with the program for a half-hour every day.  Although the program doesn't look appealing thanks to grungy graphics, the heart of it makes it an invaluable tool to employ.


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