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 License: $25 per year, first 10,000 hands are free

Holdem Profiler Synopsis

Many of the hand history tracking utilities out there require you to set up PostgreSQL on your computer, install the software, and have the two jive together. There are also database management and migration issues to deal with should you ever reinstall your OS or buy a new computer. Holdem Profiler takes care of all of those issues, as it’s a completely web-based hand history tracking utility that lets you import hand histories and get all of the same tracking statistics as the other programs offer. Holdem Profiler is accessible from any computer on any platform that can access the Web.

Holdem Profiler Full Review

There are a lot of people out there that want to use a modern hand history tracking utility, but cannot afford one of the many expensive programs out there.  They also may not be able to run certain programs because their CPU hardware isn’t up to snuff.  Until now, there really hasn’t been a fully featured hand history tracking utility that’s been completely web-based.  Enter Holdem Profiler.

This program is one of the more ingenious pieces of poker software we’ve come across and it works very impressively.  The good news is that you can try out the service completely free for 10,000 hands, which for most people will handle play for at least a week or two.  It imports cash game and tournament hands and automatically imports tournament results, which most hand history programs can’t boast about these days.

Signing up is very easy, as the process should take you about 30 seconds to go through.  Simply register, put in your e-mail address, and you’ll be ready to go. 

The first thing you will want to do is upload hand histories, which doesn’t take very long to do.  Click on the “Upload Files” link and then select the hand history file you want to upload.  A web-based program will show a status indicator bar letting you know how far your upload is in the process and then switches to a “Processing Data” bar to let you know that the hands are being parsed and entered into the database.

Once that process is complete, the hands are loaded and you can check out all of the same stats you have with other programs.  However, you’ll have it all on a website that can be accessed by any computer:

Hold’em Profiler is a really slick hand history tracking utility that has a generous free trial period and very inexpensive tiered subscription plans to make it a viable alternative to the other programs out there right now.  The performance and deepness of the filters and stats are extremely impressive and overall, Holdem Profiler comes as one of the best new poker software programs we’ve seen.  Don't forget that you can improve your experience with Holdem Profiler by using Super HUD.


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